Me recommending....he...he...

Being offline for long makes me partly happy coz I can catch up with things, one of 'em....reading ! Read any good books lately ?...I have....^^  I bought a few books but only impressed with one of them ..ever heard of He-La Cells ? ...I studied about them in recommending : The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot.

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This book is not for the faint of heart and not for squeamish people^^ and it ain't light reading, as there's a lot of science , law and medical terminologies and other difficult vocabs. Don't read it if you have nightmares from reading  something that scares you....Why do I like it ? The true story is incredible and incredibly moving  !!

Another thing I'm able to do is hunt for [free] i-pad apps..Yeaay ! 
So, I've downloaded a few, but I'm still hunting...
and will tell you more if I get great ones...for now, 
here's what I recommend :

NG Magazine [free sampler]

And for fun : Pocket Pond
And for games [tho I don't like games too much] : Crystal Portal

If you're interested, just Google them and download for free^^

Right now I'm browsing for free e-books...
I'll report if I've read any good ones, 
the ones I saw were books you've probably read already. 
If you found any great [free] apps ...plz share ^^ 
OK, me going...will be back. TTFN.


Hyds said…
That sounds like an interesting book Myoce. I have read a few Coehlo's recently and finally got to read the Host..I never thought I'd get around to it but it seems a very good read.I've still got a quarter left.
I'm looking for books too..anything else you can recommend? xx
myoce said…
Yes Hyds, it's very interesting... more incredible than fiction.

Oh, I've tried reading Coehlo... but maybe I'm too thick headed, I just can't figure it out..need more plain speaking^^
... have to go back and read Peanuts hahaha..

For magical [light] fiction, I'd recommend the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare : City of Bones,
City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels [there's also the new Infernal Devices series from her].
For a bit heavier ones, The Abhorsen series or Old Kingdom series [Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen...I LOVE these books] by Garth Nix.

Happy reading^^
Momojgseel said…
Myoce, for the free apps, have you got Pulse n Zite?
I got info fm Jefry compwizkid. Tried them n delighted by them. For games maybe Hangman? I have it in my BB n stayed up late to finish the challenge, hahahaha
myoce said…
Momo !

OK me NOW just realize who U R !!
How slow can I get ^^
The magic words were "Jefry compwizkid."
Hahaha miss U miss U, miss U all...

Thanks 4 d'info, will look into it.
Hahaha hangman ! I used to play that in my [long lost] BB :(

I'm playing Angry Birds, although not educational... it's great for killing time.

Have a great week !
Momojgseel said…
Ha! How many momo do you know? So, Jefry has more bells in his name? Hahaha... I don't get to see you in the office, where have you been? I enjoy the kiss-kiss video, thanks for posting it. Hope you enjoy yr week too. Been spending these 3 days in Bandung heading back home later today.
myoce said…
He he...well there's my other friend-pinkymomo- from Malaysia. I'm taking a leave of absence and will be back next term...just got back from NTT and will go there again on Mon. It's tiring but I've got to do it :p
Did you get ole-ole Bandung ? Hehe just kidding !

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