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Hi everyone !  Wow, it's good to be here in my blog again ^^ Me still on the island....and my life is a bit different than usual [ read : I don't go online every day, and talk about Hyun Joong, Yong Joon ssi and SS501 :( ] metaphorically speaking, being here is like living my  life in black and opposed to living my life in technicolor. Don't get me wrong, living life in "back and white" has beauty and joy of it's you can see in these pics^^. Also, there are some objects better seen in black and white [ I saw a superb pix in Hyd's blog in her post "at the library", and it ain't in color ! ].


I'll be back again next week...though maybe I could squeeze in some time between now and then to come here and chill out :).  Here the kids and I sometimes go out using bemo [a kind of public transportation]. If you want to know about bemos click here . The weather is very hot, and Melchan -who's already sunburned from outdoor activities in school before the holiday- really really loathed to be out under the scorching sun, specially in the middle of the day.  A few days ago we went out at we walked to the bemo-stop [hardly any bus here^^]   ...I saw Melchan walking in front of me...and burst out laughing !! She wasn't walking, she was running, flitting from tree to another tree....ha ha ha....Melchan didn't want to get darker complexion, so she ran... zig-zagging ...from tree shade to tree shade... exactly like a ninja wearing a mickey mouse t-shirt LOL LOL !


OK....gotta end my mumblings here....
have a great week end and keep safe...miss U all !!


Hyds said…
Hi Myoce!! How are you?
Lovely processing here.
SilverBronze said…
Color, B&W, UV, IR, night-vision ... each has its own beauty (and thank you for sharing some) Your B&W leaves pic brings out pattern, texture and shading; while the others frame flowers' structure.

We'll watch for your posting with Life's rhythm; sometimes surging, sometimes occasional, always good!
joongana said…
Onnnniiiieeeee gaaahhhhhh
its like you enjoy your vacation in NTT, even its hot rite there hihihihi, btw say hi for Melchan ya onnie...
n i got news for you that pinkymomo onnie already hypnotized by Choi Seunghyun aka TOP bwahahah.
she is being drunk by TOP after watch n listen to "Tonight" BB song
i tell her, did onnie hv HJL vid years ago when he playng guitar n sang together with him? she says i knw but i dnt wnt to knw n not intrstd to knw bout his friend ekkekeke
i want to say sorry to Hyunjoong, i didnt catch up his news, all just flew by........
bcz i hv new idol wkwkwk....
before you say aaahhhh, ill tell you something first, his voice is daebakk!! my intuition at first sight isnt wrong, before debut he won daesang award at youth sing competition or sound like that(err i frgt)and he also appear on starking with his friends on 2009 hwihihi
would you mind if i introduce this new idol ehhehe *insist*

Sandeul from B1A4

if you hv time onnie, just googling it on youtube n tell me what do you think bout my new idol hehehe

i disagree with news hyunjoong meet his look alike kwangmin n youngmin"jo twins" from boyfriend
and all fellow TS onnie n dongsaeng that i follw on twitter also disagree bwhahaha (i made a poll for this)

okay enough bla bla bla from me onnie, i think u already bored reading my rambling, sorry ya....
see you soon onnnie
myoce said…
Hi Hyds,

Been looking over all your photos and finding many favorites among them. I now just had the time to fully enjoy and admire them.

Thanks a lot !
myoce said…
PS...Hyds, me busy as a demented bee. Have to leave for Timor again to organize things for the Ladies Organization I think I told you about. I feel like an Octopus needing extra arms :(

Sorry forgot to answer ur Q up there.
The best for Edward and hubby ! He must be getting more precious and adorable !! [your Edward,I mean :D]

myoce said…
Dear SBD,

It's always a joy to read your comment. Reading your words I'm now very sure your other occupation is a being poet !

Thank you for always reading my postings....and following from afar my Life's rhythm...which is now so awry ..

Yes, I love the B&W leaves pix also..... it didn't look that interesting in Color ^^

Hope to snap some meaningful and soulful photos, just waiting for the opportunity to come ....

Lots of love to you and Jade !
Really miss the KOB busy days^^

Have a great new week ~~
myoce said…
the longer the better !

And I don't get bored reading ur comment. Yep, we used to gossip off line, now I miss that !

We're back home ...resting from our trip. have a new idol ! Isnt' KHJ, SS501, Suju, Heenim, Hongstar, JKS and the rest enough for you ?? are still young, so you can have all the idols you want !!

For me...I've got more than enough to handle. But I will google your new love...I'm sure his voice is great as you are a good judge of that ^^

And I got your sms about Leader... hot hot...seperti cabe rawit huhahhuhah :D...melchan also says so !! when he danced in the rain/water....out comes steam coz it's so hot LOL LOL

I'll see you off line soon I hope!
Salam untk wuri boss ^_^
myoce said… forgetful ...
about Pinkymomo...I miss her !!

hahaha....TOP !! Melchan LOVES TOP very much !! And I like him too, I'm glad he's KHJ's friend. The only thing I don't like is their drinking.

Tell Pinkymomo to go to the Pink Elephant blog of bb' can see a very top photo of TOP there LOL !! But maybe she's already been there^^

About the Jo twins....I don't think they are exactly like Hyun Joong, I think Hyun Joong is much much more gorgeous and interesting in character. But of course they are sweet kids :)

love and TTFN !!

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