Kim Hyun Joong, what in tarnation ... ?

Am I the only one with a great big headache ?

Okay . . . with news sites like Allkpop, Koreaboo, Kpopherald . . etc . . churning up KHJ related articles every few hours [as some are very diligent with negative news of KHJ, in contrast with the positive news about him], and Ms A / Ms Choi's lawyer speaking and contradicting KE and KHJ's side for her in front of public eyes . . . my head is really throbbing.

Looks like someone is really desperate . . .

Oh, Hyun Joong . . . I wish you had met a better and kinder person. 
One who would  be sincere with you . . .
One who communicates with you face to face...
not through tabloids and medias and lawyers.
One that thinks of the baby . . . 
and doesn't drag this thing all over the news sites.

In an alternate train of thought, I wish a third party [ I suspect there is one] would stop exploiting and using this [ also Ms Choi and the baby ] as a destructive tool for their own agenda . . . because that's what happening . KHJ and KE, but most of all, KHJ . . . is being destroyed.

My lil' urchin boy HJ [that's what you are to me] . . . I never thought you'd have it this tough  . . you did some thing wrong, you admitted it, apologized for it, paid the fine for it and faced the terrible consequence for it. Now you are said to be an expectant father, you said you'd take responsibility, as did your parents . . . but you are still slandered . . . what more did they expect from you ? 

I hope things will work out, for the sake of the baby.

[But to tell the truth, I don't think I could take it if you end up with her. Disappointment would be an understatement, I'd stop reading and following your activities then, can't bear to see you get hurt again and again]

Hang in there, HJ. If your heart's sincere . . . the truth will shine out.


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