A web of confusion

On February 23, 201, Allkpop released an article titled Lawyer of miss Choi, Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend, confirms Choi's pregnancy. Though the reason why her pregnancy should be confirmed by a lawyer escapes me, I remember the lawyer stating this : "Miss Choi has been having a tough time with her pregnancy being revealed to the world; she is currently visiting clinics and getting rest and stability,". Although the lawyer said she was having a hard time because her pregnancy being revealed to the world...it seems she doesn't mind giving an interview and revealing more and more detail to Dispatch. I am questioning that statement made by her lawyer . . . questioning his/her honesty and the respectability.

I'm just confused and so sad and so exasperated . . . what exactly does Ms Choi want by giving an "exclusive interview" . . . to Dispatch, the first tabloid that she unburdened herself to. There's lots of text convos between her and HJ that she generously shared with Dispatch and the rest of the world.

She also said she will NEVER marry Hyun Joong [OH ! Thank You !!].

We don't know if the text messages are true or not, or relevant or not. It could be chopped up convos that are taken out of context, to her advantage . . . we never know with Dispatch, Yellow Journalism doesn't handle truth much.

Till now I don't understand why she has to communicate with HJ through lawyers and tabloids, why not just meet ? If she's afraid, she could bring the police with her. Wanting DNA verification is reasonable from HJ's side, anyone would be asking for that also. What could she possibly gain by sharing these data with Dispatch? She has said she will be taking responsibility for the baby herself. Should we be reading behind the lines here ??

My poor HJ, what have you gotten yourself into !

Oh my head....


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