Kim Hyun Joong - Really Dazed

I bet Hyun Joong is feeling very dazed and confused right now . . . so are we, his fans. His family and KE is also feeling dazed. They have been in a bind since the assault case, ever since Ms A told "all" to a tabloid / Yellow Journalism site. All got bigger and blown out of proportion when all medias got hold of it and reported it in different twisted and incorrect ways. Their source, the tabloid where Ms A divulged all  is Dispatch, famous for it's sensation searching articles . . . [never mind the truth].
Hyun Joong has admitted he did wrong, has obeyed the law, came when summoned, told his side of the story, has apologized to Ms A personally, has apologized to the public, has been fined and has paid the fine. He has done all what is expected of him. But of course . . . his career has suffered and he has been judged and sentenced by the press and the public . . . that being the initial objective of all that happened, it seems.

The last time, Hyun Joong was in the middle of a series of successful concerts for his World Tour, he wasn't in SK, when the storm hit. This time, Hyun Joong was in the stage of wrapping up a very successful series of concerts in Japan . . . he wasn't in SK. How perfect is the timing ! Never has the media mentioned Hyun Joong's activities and success in Japan . . . not a peep out of them ! But - when it's time for him to go home - BAMM! that's how they welcome him.

Seems the same pattern again . . . .

As I said before . . . imo, sensational Yellow Journalism will be the death of K-entertainment. Hate and unhealthy competition among K- ent. agency, among K-stars and among K- medias . . . will finally tire and disgust fans. I am getting tired and angry at the discord all this negative media news produce. Discord among fans really makes me sad also. Based on what's happening to Hyun Joong, I am questioning my self on my interest in Korean Entertainment and on being a fan . . . weighing the pro and cons. Am I getting happiness and satisfaction out of K-entertainment ? Or am I getting the opposite and now having heart-ache for what happened to KHJ, to BYJ and to SS501. . .

Dear Hyun Joong . . . be strong and survive this !


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