Hyun Joong's new passion - extreme ice diving

Yep . . . Ice Diving ! . . . cold . . numbing cold even above the ground, how about under water ?? Beneath the ice ??? Yikes ! burrrr . . . . must be freezing ! See him so energized below . . . clearing the snow to dig a hole where he can lower himself down into icy waters I guess.


Hyun Joong's into extreme sports now ! Oh, the old woman in me feels afraid lest something happens to [my^^] lil' urchin boy . . . be careful Hyu Joong ah . . . don't want to see you in accidents again., falling between twin beds is enuff :( Ok  !  Me sniffed around and found some bones . . . I mean . . . some information. Warning : I'm not responsible for any headaches or dizziness you might experience after reading this post, continue reading at your own risk. . .


 See KHJ in action HERE

 I hope he had some fun with his Hyung 
throwing snow balls around ^^


Me putting up this pix again, on far left is Mr Cha Soon Chul [thought he was HJ's dad] . . . . I think he's an expert in Extreme Ice Diving, and a member of NEPA Extreme Team [Nature Environment Preservation Advocacy], beside him is Mr Lee Won Young from GAG [Guest Activity Guide] which has a scuba diving course in New Songdo City in Incheon, I guess that's where KHJ learned to dive ?  So, Mr Lee Won Young must be KHJ's instructor, ya. We've seen him with Leader in several pics. I went to both gentlemen's blog and looked around, then I asked Mr Google a few Qs, and found out lotsa confusing interesting things^^


In his blog, Mr Lee Won Young uploaded pics of his diving equipments and instruments,
such as  scuba diving suits, oxygen tanks and other diving gadgets. 
Look at the equipments above and below, do you see anything familiar ??


Hehe . . . .yes, this is the diving suit that KHJ wore in the pix.
It's called SANTI Dry suit E.MOTION . . the head gear is below.


Mr Lee Won Young also posted KHJ's pics using the diving gear 
and the equipments that he talked about in his posts.


Now look at Hyun Joong in the pix above . . . ever wondered what he's holding there ? Well it's a dive computer called Galileo sol and it's very smart :)  At the risk of sounding like a sales rep for Galileo sol, me iz gonna talk about that gadget, Hyun Joong must have understood the workings of that thing, I'm sure of it. . . coz it's for safety. . . so me wanna understand too. Safety first . . . Mr Lee Won Young - the instructor -  said in his blog . . .

According to the product site, Galileo is a dive computer that has an integrated heart rate monitor. . . it also tailors the decompression calculations to your dive, whateverthatmeans. It has a navigational system with integrated digital compass and bearing memory and there're graphical charts that let you review the dive profile at any time . . . and . . . err . . . bla . . bla . . bla . . geezz , do we really need to know this ??!!! Hyun Joong dear, what have you gotten me into ??? first I had to put soccer matches pics here in my blog . . . coz you love soccer, now you've pulled me in very deep into diving and ice diving with all it's paraphernalia !!


So, ladies . . . if y'all haven't got a headache yet . . . let us get down and dive deeper. Lets see the gadget KHJ's holding [see more clearly for yourself HERE]. The monitor display shows depth, dive time, deco information [ whateverthatis, maybe decompression info? ], tank pressure, RBT [ asked Mr Google, he said it's Remaining Bottom Time, I dig some more and it means current air consumption, will explain later ], time of day, stopwatch, active  MB level [ Micro-Bubble suppression level, ifuwannanoewhatdatis, I'll explain at the bottom @.@ ], temperature, heart rate, maximum depth, average depth. Wow, like they used to say : "You've come a long waaay, baby. . ." divers of old didn't have these kinda gadgets I bet.

Looking at KHJ's pix, the depth of his dive was 38.4 meters, his dive time was 5 [mins??] . . . so help me, I'm only guessing here ^^ . . . and if the pix were larger, we would be able to see how much Oxygen KHJ still had in his tank, the temperature . . . and KHJ's heart rate . . . [ if it was us wearing that gadget, our heart rate should go super crazy near KHJ, that little gadget would just give up and die :( ].


Suprise !!! It's assembled in my country :)

Okay . . . I'm diving down to the bottom of this post and beginning to turn blue coz I'm almost outta oxygen, which won't happen to KHJ coz he has that gadget, it shows the RBT/Remaining Bottom Time. I promised to talk about it, ya ?.  RBT is the length of time that a diver can spend at his or her current depth before having to ascend in order to reach the surface with the set tank reserve. Yes ladies . . . they have a tank reserve [oxygen reserve] and don't ask me about the whats and hows . . . to answer, I'd have to sit in at diving courses first :(  So, with this gadget KHJ will always know how much time he has left before he has to ascend [a.k.a the oxygen in his tank nearly runs out].  Hyun Joong dearest, you'd better be taking that gadget with you every time you go diving, you hear me ??!!!  I don't want to see you get hurt *glare* *glare*

Oh . . . so dizzy, I'd really be happy to just go and lay down a bit and watch a K-drama or something, but I also promised you I'd explain about MB or Micro Bubbles. . . okie dokie . . . Micro Bubbles  are microscopic bubbles . . . tiny tiny bubbles, bubbles smaller than one millimeter in diameter. It seems one of the ways they are produced is by the movement of an object moving through water, which creates a bubble layer. These bubble layers absorb or reflect sound waves and have the potential to cause fatal defects in IC [integrated circuit] products. Suppressing the development of micro-bubbles is very important if you want your gadgets to keep working underwater ^^  Hence the gadget shows you the Micro Bubbles suppression level . . . .wheeee . . I'm done !!

I just hope I won't have to explain about Deco and Non-deco diving next, coz I sorta wanna talk about Hyun Joong's CMAS [World Underwater Federation International Certificate] that he just earned ^^

'Course . . . that's just a GLIMPSE of Hyung Joong's world . . . . 

Hyun Joong sweety,  choose an easier hobby for us to follow next time, ne . . 
like . . . cooking , perhaps ??!!  Kekekeke . . . sigh . . .


Hyun Joong learned how to dive 
and frolicked under the sea . . .
conversed with octopuses 
and befriended schools of little fishes ^^

  I suppose he's not afraid of sharks anymore ?? 
Kekekeke . . .

Wikipedia, scubapro.com, and other diving sites and blogs, 
naver.com and daum.net KHJ blogs...
please protest if you see ur pix not credited to u 
and I'll put it in....thank you !!


Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce, Nice post! I don't just see pics of HJ in his diving gear and say uh huh, new hobby. Now I understand a little something, the dangers, the safety nets etc.

BTW, wish u a happy new year! Gracie
myoce said…
Hi Gracie !!

So nice to see you again, my new year's OK...I hope you'll have a great new year and I wish you lovely things for 2013.

Yup...I was so ignorant about diving, but Hyun Joong has opened my eyes to it. Can't get behind if I want to understand KHJ ^^

I understand more and more that there's not only a handsome face to the person that is Kim Hyun Joong. He's got the guts, persistence, concentration, and drive to pursue what he wants.

Warm wishes 4U, Gracie.

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