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Thanks to a good friend I had a very interesting and amazing time watching JYJ's Junsu's musical. Oh wow....I wasn't that interested in musicals before...and kept postponing watching it..he he. But now I'm so sorry I didn't watch it sooner. Junsu's an all-round entertainer.....plus  he's the captain of the FC men soccer team in which Hyun Joong is a member !! I'm really recommending you to watch the DVD of Junsu's musical :)


The concert, called "Kim Junsu Musical Concert, Levay with Friends",  
was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul 
from the 7th 'til the 10th of October, 2010.


The show focuses on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's everyday life as a man more than on his music. Junsu performed as Mozart, wearing the clothes of a rock star, not 18th century European costume. 


The musical is Written by Michael Kunze and composed by Grammy-award winner Sylvester Levay  [standing in the middle in the pix above]. A famous German musical actor - Uwe Kröger -  who worked with Levay in several musicals, came to South Korea to participate as a special guest [above, first from left].


In the concert Junsu sang "Miss You So", a song that was written especially for him by Levay, he also performed  his song  "Intoxication" [which is loved by Japanese fans] before Korean audience for the first time outside Japan. It was reported that tickets for the first day of this concert was sold out in 20 minutes^^


Good luck to future projects to Junsu....Fightiing !

Photo credits : As labeled also apopofasia.tumblr, 
blog.ningin, sharing yoochun.net, kpopnews.com, 
parkminnie.wordpress and natchan87 at livejournal.com.


ANABEL said…
Wow..You know.. I could to find link of this DVD on the web.. on Junsu plays.. he is really amazing! looking his performances its give me goosebumps!

Oh dear.. I am so happy for you.. Hyun Joong will go to Indonesia... are you ready to his fanmeeting?

Have a good day.. Love You, Anabel
myoce said…
Hi Anabel....

Yes there's lots of vidz of the concert...plus other musicals that Junsu's involved in....like Tears of Heaven and Elizabeth...I know you and other fans will find it easily in YT.

Isn't he great...I was oooh ahh and clapping a lot of times ^^

Oh...about KHJ ...I'm still confused, Anabel....wish me luck !

Love, myoce

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