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Video from YT by cozyjj

Hi how are you all ?? Hope you're all fine and healthy. I just got back from Kupang yesterday and now posting something that's long overdue...hmmm...I thought no one would be peeking into this blog anymore coz I haven't been posting for about a fortnight, but soo happy to see this blog has visitors even if I don't update :)

Now posting the links to K-pop Stars' coverage of Hyun Joong :

If you want to watch the complete [but un(Eng)subbed] , 
click on these to see the videos uploaded by cozyjj in youtube:

The first part is Eng. Subbed by Jakiek606 in youtube :

Btw, Jakiek606 has subbed many videos of Hyun if you're interested, stay around and click around her channel to see them...


joongana said…
onniiieeee, i have great news and good news hhahaha which one u wanna hear first * teasing
myoce said…
OOOOHH whatisit whatisit ???

Is it about SUJU's SS ???

*open mouth n' bulging eye*
ANABEL said…
Welcome back dear Myoce... thanks God you and your family are safe...

Thanks for share this precious special on HJ.. for me it is a double gift coz HJ shared with his BBF Jaejoong.. I love their friendship and I love to them so much!

Hugs, Anabel
myoce said…
Hi Anabel,

Thank you for your concern.
I also love seeing the close friendship HJ andJJ have, Anabel.

It's good that they can support each other in rough patches of their life.

Love, myoce
joongana said…
heheheh sorry for making you waiting onnie, Indonesia confirm in HYUNJOONG asia list, dont know if its tour or fanmeet only, but im HAPPYYYYY the good news is im gonna watch SS4 eheheh
myoce said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
myoce said…
Congratulations, joongana....nitip pelototin Siwon yaaaa...yup....please OOGLE Siwon for me!

Kepingin banget tapi nanti jadi distraction dan buah bibir... ngapain itu nene-nene nonton SS hahaha...I'll have to wear a mask and have difficulty breathing sob.

Dan lagi uang uda abis utk Chub masuk SMA....hicks hicks

Kalau Hyun Joong dtg gimana yaaa... temenin ngerampok bank dong ! Hahahaha...just kidding.
joongana said…
sadly my voice is running away from its cord onnie, cant watch, and obviously ci Hera didnt get the ticket too,dia bilang mau cb cari lgi, tapi ku bilang, enggak lah ci,ini suara ud ga ada, takut ada apa" di jalan (malam-malam soalnya dan drku brngkt sendiri)hiuks hiuks hiuks huwaaaaa

and yeah for KHJ hoping for the best,onnie have a class to teach here hehehe.

ngerampok bank?? tunggu *wearing pororo mask* ok lets go ahhaha

me too want to rampok bank untuk betulin lappy,n nabung buat beli motor n kamera SLR :D
myoce said…
It's OK, joongana....your health and safety is more important.

hahaaa pororo mask not scary here... you have to get one of that scary Balinese mask with protruding eyes and long fangs ^^

good luck on the things you hope to do :)

crossing fingers on those classes xx(-_-)xx

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