KHJ - a blast from the past


Been a long time not posting about Kim Hyun Joong...and now there's ecstatic news that he will be coming to Indonesia !! Oh Oh...can't believe it....the moment fans of KHJ and I... here in our country are waiting for !! Will it come true ??.....Crossing all our fingers, toes, eyes and what ever part of our body that could be crossed  x(-_-)x , xxx(-_-)xxx , xxx(x_x)xxx !!!

About me going to see him or not when he really comes.....arrrgggghhh...I'll cross that bridge, wrack my brains and pull my hair out about it later when it's confirmed he will come !! Meanwhile...lets enjoy these blasts from KHJ's past, OK ^^


Collage by myoce, photo credits to


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