Thinking about my lil' urchin boy Hyun Joong....

Tomorrow will be the court date, and I have been thinking about HJ these days. In the military, he must be thinking of tomorrow too. Well, there are many strange and unproven claims on Ms Choi's side, let us see if they can produce any solid evidence about the previous pregnancy and miscarriage. She went to several OBGYN clinics to get the positive result for pregnancy, but none of them supports her claim. She went to different clinics for the abuse claims...maybe because she didn't get the certification in the first place ?. These are all, why say she was previously pregnant and had a miscarriage.. now...not then ?? 

About her current pregnancy...HJ has said that if the baby is his, he will take responsibility. But up to now, there is only a doubtful Sonogram pic with incorrect time and no name....and edited text messages to support her claim. We will be looking forward to these proofs from her lawyer tomorrow. But a paternity/DNA test after the baby is born will be the best proof...done in a hospital, attended by both legal teams !

About the money..well, it seems it was about money from the beginning, and she did violate the first agreement on the settlement money.....why should HJ's side hesitate to sue her ? Glad HJ's legal team is actively letting us know of all the doubts and all the past negative strategies of Ms Choi in destroying HJ.

All this time, as a mom, I was concerned about the baby...when he/she grows up, what will happen when he/she reads all these news about her/his parents ?? Will it destroy her/his life ?? If it turns out there is a baby and the baby is HJ' matter who will take care of the baby later [HJ or Ms Choi] I hope I will be able to delete my posts about HJs case....I don't want to be a part of destroying someone's life or making someone sad.

About HJ's connection with BYJ and KeyEast, many fans hate KeyEast because they think KE hasn't handled HJ's case well, that KE has not helped HJ at all. Me, I don't hate KE . Most fans just think about HJ's predicament, they don't want to think about the terms of HJ's contract with KE [which we don't know the contents of], they don't want to think about the loss KE has to suffer because of HJ's case...cancelled advertisement contract, cancelled drama contract, cancelled performances, cancelled, cancelled...and the FINES KE had to pay for all those breaches of contracts and fans do not want to know about this, they think that agencies should handle ALL problems of the stars under them...even personal problems like this. For me, this case is between HJ and is not a case of HJ&KE against Ms.Choi ...nor is it a case of KE against Ms.Choi. No, this  is a case of HJ against Ms.Choi.

Most fans say that KE doesn't support HJ at all in this case...then they didn't see that the executive from KE, Yang Geum Hwa [BYJ's right hand man] personally accompanied HJ when he was summoned by the police, they also didn't see the swarm of KE's bodyguards surrounding and protecting HJ at the time. They were also apparently looking the other way when Bae Yong Joon, Yang Geum Hwa and executives from KE, executives from DATV and KNTV and Universal Music Japan [plus HJ's dance group and his school friends] accompanied HJ in his enlistment ceremony. Even though HJ's parents did not attend, I'm sure they felt glad and they appreciated that BYJ, YGH and others were with HJ at the time of his enlistment. Some fans also apparently missed seeing that some of the KE bodyguards who guarded HJ enlisted with him ! Talk about beyond the call of duty. To this day I haven't seen other agencies' [namely SM,YG,JYP ] number one man [with other executives] accompanying a star [who's in a lot of hot water !!] under their management to his enlistment, and staying for the ceremony too [after first treating them all to lunch]. BYJ's actions... to me, at least...speaks louder than words .

Hyun Joong dear, you are a lucky person to have loving parents and family and loyal friends, cherish them and be strong . Also, be diligent in the military and do your duty well. Don't be pessimistic, you have to be optimistic and positive for the future.  I wish you all the best for the trial tomorrow, you are in good hands, I think you have a great lawyer and legal team. The truth will win. What ever the result, love U !


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