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Warning : contains some impolite rant, if ur sensitive, avoid reading it

Yes, I'm really glad I have this space to put my musings in writing.......glad I can shoot anything from my mouth here and not get scolded, and if there's negative comments....I can choose whether to give'em my time of day or give'em the cold comprendo ? Get yourselves an English idiom book ! *evil laugh* Mianne...that was uncalled for...

Probably wondering what the heel *censoredbyme* I'm talking about, don't worry...I haven't gone insane...just lettin' off some steam. After not writing anymore about Park Si's a post talking about him.

First, let me set the tone of my writing : HONEST....that means I will write honestly about my honest reaction, feelings and opinion on PSH's case, I won't wear a mask.

My first reaction when I read about PSH's rape charge was shock and disbelief. It's sooo far removed from PSH's really made me sick at someone punched me in the stomach. Following the case anxiously and reading all the news I could about it made me soo heart-tired and  started to affect me in a bad way in everyday life.....I started to loose energy to do things...that shows you how much I like PSH. [that's PSH....if BYJ or KHJ....might just pass out ].

Fan's reaction of the rape case against PSH were varied.....some impolite and extremely protective reactions of PSH fans made me determined to look at the case from both sides of the river....and that meant wading thru a mound of headachy reading. As I read, I also went through various feelings : anger : about A, Is this on purpose, for money ?, sadness : why did PSH put himself in that position ?  After the alphabet soup parade and the charges against each other.....I was tired. For sanity, I distanced my self from the case, ceased writing and thinking about it....but prayed for PSH....coz after reading all the white and all the black ...I still wish things will go well for him.

I've been aware of the dropped charges from both sides from the first, now I want to write of my feelings about it here, as a therapy for me [not you]. Honestly, I'm disappointed ....yes, disappointed that PSH didn't fight for the truth till the end like he said he would. But.....there might be some things I'm not aware of, which made this conclusion of the case the best course of action for PSH and A.

In a blink of an eye [a tweet, or a night ], sheeet *censoredbyme* can happen, and as you know, sheeet *censoredbyme* is very hard to clean up, notice T-ara, Seven and Sangchu and other celebrities who have gone thru some serious shleeet  *morecensoredbyme*. I'm just so mad about it, that I magically turn into a [plump] charging bull or a [plump] fire breathing dragon in mid-write. Of those cases, I haven't seen a case ending reasonably.

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I am human and it's very human to be disappointed at some one, the more you like him and hold him in esteem, the more you are disappointed and hurt by negative things he does. If I say I'm not disappointed  then I'd be lying. An ending like that leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and leaves people making their own positive or negative opinions. I hope in the future PSH will have a chance to show us, his fans, that he is the upright young man we think he is.

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After all this, I wish PSH and A will go on with their lives wiser and more careful of relationships.....specially if PSH rises again, he should take note that there's always dangerous winds if you are a very tall coconut tree. I trust PSH has made new resolutions for his life and future and do not give up easily in his efforts to go back to acting. PSH has built up his career all these years, I hope he will still be around the K-drama scene for a long time.

See you all later :)

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