Long time no see....

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 KHJ's story must be exciting...

Hi....long time no see. I've been too busy to come here and post stuff. Anyway, at this time I'm, sooo stressed out that I just had to come here and chill out ! Tomorrow is a big day....two important stuff is happening in my life in connection with hubby [operation] and daughter [important exam] , and I'm very tense. So here I am.

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Dancing.... so  natural for Hyun Joong

Gee....the lil' urchin boy has been around ! Diving with sharks and dolphins...and humans of course, and going in a new variety show in Vietnam. Wow....looking at the pics and vidz, KHJ's feeling the prickly [and itchy] heat there...kekeke...his album is called HEAT....but he loves air conditioning in the heat of summer !! Must be another kinda heat ^^

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Hmm...inspite of being a bit unsmiling at the time of arrival, KHJ seemed to warm up and smiled a lot the second day...hehe...warm....by the sun. I thought his smile is a bit like the sun. KHJ is serious looking most of the time, but when he breaks out in a smile......it's like the sun has come out on a cloudy day ! 

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I feel a bit less tense now that I've talked about the lil' urchin boy. Now I can go back to my life and be strong for everyone. Btw....I heard Barefoot Friends plans to come here, Indonesia...OMY ! Actually I also wanted to talk about PSH and T-ara, but my life is more important....will do later. Have a nice new week, everyone ! Tomorrow is Monday .... keep your chin up, and your smile on : )

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