T-ara's Determination



This word has gotten negative connotation in-connection to T-ara ....
due to it's appearances in the member's tweet.
Let's try out this innocent word in several paragraphs , shall we ?

  • On  August 19, 2011 ...during rehearsal taping of KBS Music Bank for T-ara's final stage performance of promoting Roly Poly, Ji Yeon pulled a right knee ligament and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Having a lot of determination, she continued to attend tour after tour, although she needed considerable assistance for each trip due to her injuries.

  • While commuting back home from her “Lovey Dovey” choreography practice on January 24th, Eun Jung fell and ruptured the supporting structures within her kneecap. She was rushed to the emergency room and received treatment.  After a thorough check-up, it turns out that Eun Jung will need six weeks for recovery. While at the hospital, she underwent a joint aspiration procedure which drained 30ml of blood from the inside of her knee with a syringe....and she made more trips to the hospital to keep receiving the treatment. With a swollen knee, a leg cast....[not to mention, a lot of pain !] , and a strong determination, Eun Jung went on with her activities and shooting schedules.

  • In face of great hate...with great determination Hyo Min continued shooting “The Thousandth Man” drama and attended the press conference... where reporters asked her questions about T-ara's fiasco. I thought she answered the question nicely !

  • So Yeon ....while traveling down to Busan  for the shooting of her drama ‘Haeundae Lovers, her vehicle slipped on the rainy road and hit the guard rail twice before flipping on its side. Just reading about it makes me have horrible visions in my mind....but haters managed to hint that it was not a real accident...just an act to gain sympathy....geeez... I'd find an easier way than that....with out injuring the two stylist who were in the same car...who also sustained injuries! Inspite of it all, determination got So Yeon to continue with the drama shooting.

  • Super determination got Eun Jung through the press conference of  "Five Fingers"...she continued shooting the drama all through this fiasco....and faced the haters and antis...stood on stage [like Hyo Min and So Yeon] whether she's shaking inside and out we don't know, but she stood there !

So.....who said T-ara didn't have determination ? It's easy to take the spotlight and stand on stage if you've got everyone's support....but  it takes much... much...more guts and determination to stand up and continue doing the things you love in the face of  great hate from the public. 

I'd love to write more about the other members...
but my online time is up. See ya !

Photo credit : Allkpop.
Info source : Wikipedia, Allkpop and others...


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