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Been a long time since I talk about Hyun Joong's case....yep, life, family and work got in the way ^^. I also don't know what I can add to all KHJ's fan's discussions...or arguments that have been posted on line. But I will try to look at the case from a fresh point of view...let me tell you about some facts that is relevant to HJ's case :

Fact 1

If you read a bit about the fate of single mothers in South Korea, you will find out that talking about single mothers or unwed mothers in South Korea is sort of a taboo. There, single mothers are often stigmatised, ostracized by family members, do not have support from the community, have few employment opportunities and discriminated against at work.

Why do I let you know of the fact ? Well, I want to point out that KHJ's side has offered a way out for Choi so she will not be an unwed mother. I read articles and watched videos where time and time again KHJ's father told us that he and HJ's mom wanted to meet with Choi's family to discuss the future of their children, pointedly suggesting that KHJ and Choi should get married....because that would be the right thing to do. As we know, Choi and family did not want to do this...did not do this.  This chapter of course is closed, Choi has said she doesn't want to marry Hyun Joong....and after several legal suits from Choi, Hyun Joong also expressed his wish not to be involved with Choi again (Thank goodness!). But the good intention from KHJ's side had been made clear.

Fact 2 :

It seems in the South Korean justice system, there are legal requirements for fathers to pay child support but no requirements for unwed fathers. It has to be acknowledged by law that he is a father of a baby (the baby is registered under his/her father’s registry). Through this process, unwed mothers can receive child support from unwed fathers.

This is really terrible, because two people created that baby...and one of them is not required to support the baby ??!!  This is sad but true....look it up if you don't believe me....I believe there are movements in South Korea now trying to change this law. Why am I pointing out this fact ?  Let's read this excerpt from KHJ's letter...I think this is the second time I post this :

“The reason I’m insisting on the test is that only once the paternity test has been done can I take legal responsibility for the child in whatever form. I want to raise the child, but I know that things can’t always happen the way you want, and it’s frustrating for me to only be able to say that I’ll carry out my legal duties.”

KHJ also said :

 "While I’m still lacking, I will do everything I can for the baby"

So, even though there are no requirements for unwed fathers....even though there are no requirements for KHJ to support the baby....KHJ will do so !! Knowing this makes me feel happy, because Hyun Joong is responsible, though the law did not require it of him, he still shoulders his moral responsibility well.

Fact 3 :

I read in that in South Korea child custody has two meanings . One is a right to make decisions for the child (so-called parental authority) and the other is a right to foster the child. 

If I am not mistaken in understanding this, since the court has given joint custodial rights... it means Hyun Joong and Choi both have the same rights to make decisions for the baby...and have the same rights to foster or bring up the child ! It remains to be seen if Choi's side will be responsible like KHJ and abide by the law on this. A child needs both parents...what ever my feelings toward Choi, I hope HJ's son will be able to have the complete love, care, and support of both parents.

Dear going to bed eyelids keep closing LOL....see ya !

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sunflower said…
Hi...thanks for updates. I am looking forward to the June 3rd hearing. I hope all of the truth is revealed and that everything is resolved and finished. It has seemed like Choi's side has dragged this out for such a long time, hoping that KHJ would capitulate. Thank goodness attorney Lee seems to truly understand the law and the other side's motivation. Praying and hoping for justice.
myoce said…
Yup....she is dragging it ! just hate it. I hope the truth will see the light. KHJ has got the right lawyer to defend his rights this time. Let's be optimistic for KHJ...

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