Memories of Dieng 1

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Decided to stop moping and start blogging hehe....posting belated pics of my travels. First, when my daughter and I went to Dieng Plateu, Central Java. So beautiful....but sooo cold ! We visited temples, climbed mountain sides to see the sunrise, and visited a live crater...

Pictures of the Arjuna Temple Complex :

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 photo 100_6691.jpg

My daughter walking around the Temples..

 photo 100_6702.jpg

 photo 100_6723.jpg

 photo 100_6726.jpg

Next day, woke up at 3 a.m and 
climbed up Sikunir to see the sun rise...

 photo 100_6749.jpg

 photo 100_6744.jpg

 photo 100_6752.jpg

 photo 100_6768.jpg

 photo 100_6778.jpg

The view going down :

 photo 100_6785-001.jpg

 photo 100_6787.jpg

At the Sikidang Crater :

 photo 100_6832.jpg

 photo 100_6828.jpg

 photo 100_6836.jpg

 photo 100_6821.jpg

Sulfurous rocks for sale as souvenirs : 

 photo 100_6838.jpg

Boil an egg here ^^

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