Just rambling.....HJ, take heart !

Looked in to this blog and feel sad...cos I haven't been able to update much.. The life of a blog mirrors the life of the blogger...the ebbs and tides...of my life. Right now I am just going to let the words pour out, with no objective. 

Of  Hyun Joong, I am sooo glad he is in the military, he has distractions, discipline and tasks to do and complete....it would be terrible for him if he were at home at the mercy of Choi, the medias and enemies. He might just hide away in the dark if us fans and his family and friends do not give support. I want to tell him that he could start living for his son, be a good person, do good things, be a good role model. When the time comes, when he could put everything behind him and start over....I hope he has these thoughts, for in time his son will see his actions and the sincerity behind it. 

For the case between HJ and Choi...I just wish it would end soon....it has poisoned every good thing I feel towards K-entertainment. Choi and her supporters have successfully destroyed HJ's life, with toxic strategies, aimed at a person who LOVES her. Love has been treated as a weakness...something to be exploited, something beautiful has been besmirched and used for extortion. Choi's actions must have shocked HJ, a punch in the gut. Looking at Choi's "moves"...I sincerely doubt about the violence first coming from HJ without justified cause....she must have done something very serious to provoke him.

Feeling low about HJ's case has cut down any enthusiasm for updating this blog....I'm that depressed ! But those of you who have been reading my blog would understand why I am influenced like this. I moan and ramble when other people get into trouble...and now that it's HJ....I am rendered rather stupid.

See you in a happier post.


sunflower said…
Just waiting and hoping for justice. Thanks for your thoughts.
myoce said…
Same here....let's hope for the best. Thanks,sunflower..

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