KHJ's case : Paternity & Maternity test.

At last there's some news and update about KHJ's case and I'm very glad that the court ordered KHJ and Choi to do the Paternity and Maternity test...if you read my post HERE, you would know what I mean by the title of this post. That the court ordered both of them to do it [not only HJ but also Choi] tells us that they really want to get to the bottom of this case .

Here's what I wrote before :

A paternity test  
establishes genetic proof whether a man is the biological father of an individual. 

A maternity test  
establishes whether a woman is the biological mother of an individual.

So, besides proof that KHJ is indeed the father or not the father of the baby, they will also show if Choi is indeed the mother or not the mother of the baby. You probably know where my thoughts are going on this. Yes, it will be satisfying to learn this truth about Choi because of all the stuff she has been throwing at KHJ and the press. I know they were lovers and I know KHJ has said from the first that he will be responsible for the baby if the baby is his, but I want proof all the same.

One sided articles are always there about KHJ, as allkpop wrote : He'll be fined $8,447 USD (10 million Won) if he does not take the DNA exam. Well...there are two people who were ordered to take the test, so the fine surely also applies to Choi if she doesn't undergo the test, right ?! But of course, the media always focuses the negative on Hyun Joong.

People in the know about this case know very well that KHJ's side has been gunning for the DNA test since the was Choi's side who wasn't too excited about it...but after the birth, they did make a big thing out of it [belatedly].

Really hope the baby is fine and healthy and is given a lot of love, care and attention. If the baby is Hyun Joong's, I will be happy for him and the baby and hope things will turn out fine for them.

KHJ Fighhhtiiing !


sunflower said…
Thank you for quick updates and understandable translations. I am waiting for results and am constantly amazed at how many news sites are twisting and omitting the facts. Keep up the good work!������
myoce said…
Hi Sunflower. Ur welcome....also waiting or the out come of the test here. Yup, news outlets mostly put KHJ in bad light..ugh.

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