KHJ - Nostalgic Post, The First Time.

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Just found my long lost file...and guess what's in it ! Yupz...photographs of my old HJ's Bday scrapbook, the first scrapbook page I ever made for HJ's B-day sent through LKHJ. Even though the pics are not too sharp, I'm posting them anyway...for my record. Glad that now I have the complete set...first one here in this post, second one here [where I actually have some stories about making the first one, the one you see here], and the third one, here.

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So the theme of our scrapbooks was "The First Time" ...yup, the first time, alright. First time for LKHJ to send KHJ something on his Bday, also first time I ever made a scrapbook. bb was still heading LKHJ back then, she warned everyone of going overboard buying scrapbook supplies and told us to decide on a design first before going shopping. Sound advice....but too late for moi !! ^_^  Eager to start scrap-booking for KHJ, I had already bought scrap-booking materials enough for HJ's Bday scrapbooks till he turns 50 !! My bad.

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I didn't know what I would make...but coz KHJ loves skulls, I decided to draw some first. Anyway, after sorting out my supplies, I googled scrapbook samples looking for ideas.....hmmm so many to choose from. Spent several days ogling designs until settling for a design that I thought was simple and not impossible for me to make.

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Finished drawing skulls, I looked through my scrap-booking supplies and chose several colors...HJ loves I decided black would be prominent and of course, skulls...and pink, coz I'm a female hehe. Above and below are some of the colors and and the stickers I chose, tho at the end I decided not to use the pink and white skull paper and used other papers instead.

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Got so busy measuring, cutting, and gluing that I forgot to take pictures of the other materials used and the progress made. Thought I needed more, made a black skull too. I had decided on a sorta asymmetric butterfly design and wanted to decorate the "wings"...[looking at the design now....I think it would have been better if I alternated the pink color. Oh well..] Stuck a pic of HJ and wrote my Bday wishes on one of the still looked lacking.

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I had to travel to Timor at this step of the scrap-booking. 
Bundled up my scrapbook and supplies and hopped on a plane.
A few days after I arrived...time to continue the project.
Wanted to decorate that bare wing,
so, cut up some swirls and glue them on.
 Okay that looks better [below]...

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Because I had decided I wanted to write more to HJ, I made the right side of the scrapbook page to be a "flap" Which HJ could open. Now is the time to decorate the inside part of that "flap". The right side I filled with pics from Indonesian  magazines, of course it's in my language, but I thought HJ would appreciate that.

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On the left side of the flap I traced the "butterfly wings" 
with silver and color markers and wrote many things for HJ.

 photo 100_9590.jpg wasn't neat at all.....I wrote outside margins a lot. 
I stuck a lot of stickers too and that made it more messy,
 couldn't pry them let them be.

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Wondering where those skulls I drew and cut out, huh?
Yep...I didn't get to use them....and felt disappointed. 
Looking at my scrapbook page again, 
 thought I should make use of every available space...
I turned it around and did something on the back, 
who knows, HJ would turn it around and see it hehehe....

 photo 100_9581.jpg

Hahaha...yep...I got to use one of the skulls !!
That was my first experience 
of making a scrapbook page for HJ's birthday,
a bit messy and elementary school looking,
but I loved making it.
See you in another  post...have a nice day.

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