The Bogor Botanical Garden.

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Y'know, I thought this blog was getting depressing, so I'd better talk about my life instead. Last December and January our families came from  Sulawesi and I took them around sight seeing. I always forget that my in my city there's a tourist attraction, The Bogor Botanical Garden, tourist and scholars from around the world come here to enjoy or to study the plants growing in the garden since Dutch Occupation. Here are some of the pictures I took while being a guide for my family.

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Giant Lotus leaves in the pond...several ponds, in fact.
The flowers are so lovely, as you can see from my first photograph.

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The Bogor [Presidential] Palace is in the garden complex, but closed off from the public. More securities in place now, as Mr Jokowi, our President, has made Bogor Palace his office, preferring Bogor Palace to Merdeka Palace in Jakarta. He has been seen shaking hands with visitors of the Botanical Garden, from the back of the Palace.

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There are lots of space for picnics, gatherings, games and taking pictures.

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Scientific activity is going on too....

 photo 100_6580.jpg

An old Dutch graveyard.....

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Above are stuffed and preserved animals in the Zoology Museum
 located in the Botanical Garden complex.

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Reminds me of the movie...a night at the museum...

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Our pooch's inside ? Uh...uh...

 photo 100_6628.jpg

Now I believe in monsters...look at the reflection of the man...
this exhibit occupied the length [and width] of a whole wall in one of the rooms.

 photo 100_6633.jpg

Snakey skeleton...dead and departed...but still scary...

 photo 100_6632.jpg

Wow...I wonder if it's a prehistoric turtle ?

 photo 100_6629.jpg

One of the attractions of the museum.
A skeleton of a Blue Whale...

 photo 100_6638.jpg

The Entrance of the museum, 
above it is the Blue Whale's jaw bone.
Ok, I'm done 4 now....see you in another post. 


sunflower said…
Beautiful photos. And very uplifting. Thank you.
myoce said…
Thank you, Sunflower. Choi has frozen me in place in terms of updating this blog with KHJ non related's time to rebel hahahaha...
Sunflower said…
Choi has frozen many must be hard to be her. Looking forward to December and paternity test results and vindication for KHJ. Although the rest could drag on. Anyway, have a lovely day and thanks for your blog.
myoce said… must be hard to be her....tho it's hard 4me to see things from her perspective..sighhh. Can't wait for the paternity result also...more power to HJ...and us !

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