KHJ's case - In The Twilight Zone

Siiiighhhh....Choi's lawyer is really existing in the twilight zone....maybe he hears things through a different frequency from us ??? Here's the latest rigmarole from him as seen in allkpop :

Sun Jong Moon stated, "Today we submitted the documents that show Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text messages with Choi acknowledging the contents related to the pregnancy and miscarriage. Though we provided hard evidence, Kim Hyun Joong's side still refuses to acknowledge anything. We even requested a witness but they denied the request, saying a witness is unnecessary. But we have all the documents that will confirm the truth."

Their "hard evidence" proving the pregnancy and miscarriage are the [edited] text messages, if the court does accept these as fact/ evidence, then the court would have accepted and grant Choi's plea from the first time they  submitted those text messages...wouldn't they ?

Let us think logically and scientifically...there's a thing that's called  "medicolegal cases" where Medicine meets Law. In Choi's case imo this applies, there has to be proof of her claims [miscarriages, abortions, pregnancy and paternity]. As for the the witness  an expert witness or physician ? Did the court or HJ's side refuse the witness ? Does HJ's side have the authority to refuse a witness ?? Isn't that the court's authority ?

The lawyer asserted, "Kim Hyun Joong clearly knew that [Choi was pregnant] but he told her, 'Your pregnancy. Did you get an abortion or not.' He also said her miscarriage was an 'abortion' which is an incredibly abusive statement. Kim Hyun Joong is behaving in a way that is not manly. He isn't acknowledging the pregnancy or the birth. I hope that he doesn't show this kind of side anymore. He knows well enough how he and Choi were together and lived together. He knew about the pregnancy and the miscarriage, as well, but he says they don't concern him. He questions, 'Is it really mine?' It's truly a tragic scenario. It's quite a big shock if you look back on it. It's shocking that he didn't celebrate the child he had with the woman he loved. I can't help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby."

You know when you pour Coke in to a tall glass....the top half of the glass will be filled with bubbles/foam. Well the above paragraph is just that...bubbles....bubbles have these cavities filled with air. Are the lawyer's words above worth discussing ?? Whatever, I just want to rant....

Kim Hyun Joong is behaving in a way that is not manly.....Ok, Mr Lawyer...what is the standard of behaving in a way that is not manly....[if a man wears high-heel shoes, is that considered not manly ?]. Is behaving in a way that is unmanly punishable by law ?

 It's truly a tragic scenario.....a very interesting phrase. Makes us wonder if is it is truly a scenario !!

It's shocking that he didn't celebrate the child he had with the woman he loved. Choi was the first one who said she did not want to get married with KHJ, plus HJ has no access to the baby and he is in the military........why is it KHJ's fault ???

I can't help but feel sorry for my client who is living [alone] with her new baby. Imo she's living alone because it is her choice ...if she wants to she could live with her parents/family/ one is preventing her from doing it.

Sun Jong Moon also revealed, "We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong. It's just taking some time because we have to register the birth of the baby and take care of other matters [related to the birth]. We will check the DNA at a place that is reputable and legally recognized."

 Whatever....I'm going to bed. Wake me up if he successfully climbs out of The Twilight Zone.

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Sunflower said…
You may never be able to wake up if you are waiting for her lawyer to return from the Twilight Zone. lol 😂😭😬
myoce said…
Oh, Sunflower ! Ur's too true...LOL. Client and lawyer really deserve each other !
sunflower said…
Hi...have you seen the reports that Henecia, his fan club , donated a TV, 2 washing machines and AV equipment to Kim Hyun Joong's platoon? Also, he will now take his leave leave that he has earned. I hope he will be safe at home with his family and get some rest. I hope you are well too.
myoce said…
Hi Sunflower sorry to reply so late...I've been traveling. Yes...I saw the stuff they sent in a pic in fb. I'm glad the fan clubs are doing something...we have to make some "noise" to support HJ. I hope KHJ gets to meet his family and gets some rest too. Thanks, Sunflower, all the best to you too :)

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