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Yep. It's been too long since I wrote anything here, so I thought I'd just ramble and ramble. Due to family stuff, health stuff, work stuff, BYJ and KHJ fandom stuff...I can't be as consistent as before in updating this blog...I feel sad about it, but that's just how it is...

Took some time off from work to take care of some things, consequently had some time for watching my favorite dramas ! So I'm talking about those dramas I watched since the beginning of last year, [don't be shocked by the number..hehe]. BTW, I'm not a pro at reviewing movies/dramas, so this is just how I feel/my own personal opinion of the dramas. Not in-depth, just the shallow stuff. And I'll give my stars at the end of each review.

Here goes...not in any chronological or logical order :

1. My Love From The Stars
Loved it....even tho the storyline is a bit common, the acting and the visuals made up for it. Fave moment is when KSH stopped the time at the Film Awards...just as JJH went up the stairs in her beautiful gown and posed for the cameras..and the breathtaking moment [the kiss !!] was witnessed by the whole crowd when time started again. KSH and JJH are solid performers ! A drama worthy of being re-watched several times in the future, or now. *****

2. Dr. Frost
Good time filler. If there's no other dramas you could watch, it's not bad. But now I can't remember any memorable scene that's embedded in my brain.**

3. Mr Baek
Watched it twice already, so imo it's a good drama. Shin Ha Kyun isn't young anymore, but his acting is great with Jang Na Ra. I also like Lee Joon here...he will be a great actor. The story is touching, loved it ! ****

4. Healer
Although the thrills get less nearing the end of the drama, it's worthy of several re-watches. I've watched it twice ! Love,  love, love Ji Chang Wook here, his expression, his appearance, everything. Yup, I fell again :) A must have for your K-drama collection. *****

5. The King's Face
Always love Soe In Guk, but I got depressed watching this...no re-watch for this one. Sorry, In Guk.**

6. My Secret Hotel
Oh dear, I have forgotten almost everything about this drama, except people keep getting murdered in this hotel.  Ok, it's a good time-filler.**

7. Pinocchio
Ok, Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye is great, but in this drama, I can't feel anything touching. It's like luke warm water when you want something hot and sweet. But a good time filler.**

8. Liar Game
Be on your toes so you can understand the rules of the game, OK !  Fall asleep then you've got to rewind. The story is OK, I guess. Sin Seong Rok was great ! He is such a great evil guy, just like his role in My Love From The Stars. Am also a fan of the friendly and loyal thug..hehe. If there's nothing else, I'll re watch this. ***

9. Good Doctor
Nice and touching story. Joo Won is really a great actor. Love Joo Sang Wook here too. ****

10. Shine Or Go Crazy
What a crazy title, I think I got the meaning. Any way, Jang Hyuk is Jang Hyuk ! Producer nim, please cast the proper or right age bracket for Jang Hyuk's siblings, the other Princes are just too young compared to him !! He ends up looking like their young uncle. And Lee Honey should get slimmer costumes...she looks stuffed ! A great time filler. ***

11. Fated To Love You
Already watched it 2 times. Jang Hyuk masters the role, from the crazy to the touching. Love Choi Jin Hyeok here and anywhere else. Love those snails. *****

12. Birth Of A Beauty
Watched it twice already. Han Ye Seul is a great beauty indeed. Solid performance by Joo Sang Wook again. this drama will be watched again :) *****

13. Pride And Prejudice
Oh dear I forgot what the story's about, I think it's about prosecutors and corruptions. Love Choi Min Soo and Choi Jin Hyeok in it. ***

14. My Heart Twinkle Twinkle
Was waiting for the Twinkles, but got depressed watching this. I can't see the connection of the story and the title. Maybe I should use the FF button less. **

15. Blood
A great story line. Tho there's almost no romance, sob sob. Ahn Jae Hyun should eat more and change his hairstyle, Hye Sun should loosen up and get another cosmetician, her make up looks pasty here. Ji Jin Hee is just right.***

16. Greatest Marriage
I like Min Woo's acting here. Tho I don't like the hairstyle or the clothes they put on him in any of his dramas. Only in Gumiho and Midas does he look great. Park Si Yeon is beautiful, this is the first time I see her in a drama.***

17. Kill Me Heal Me
I had serious withdrawal syndrome after watching this. Will watch again and again...Ji Sung's performance is daebak, tho he is too skinny for his own good. A favorite drama. *****

18. Hyde Jekyll And I
Hyun Bin is Hyun Bin ! I like the story line and the intrique. Han Ji Min's red hair is beautiful, I find myself staring at it a lot. But I don't think I will be watching it again, except to see Hyun Bin's face. ***

19. Fool's Love
Wow, Seu Long really looks handsome here. Uee's acting is better...Woo Shik looks under-aged, but not bad acting. Got depressed for the baby while watching this. ***

20. Angry Mom
Was expecting some cute and fun, but got depressed and almost stopped watching.**

21. After School Bokbulbok
It is funny, if there's no other drama...you can watch this. **

22. Preserve Goo Hae Ra
I like Min Hyo Rin and Kwak Si Yang [hope he does another drama]. Love the songs and the performances. I may watch it again****

23. Rosy Lovers
If you're expecting some Rosy...you'll be disappointed. It is long and I got a bit tired by the bitterness in the drama, and depressed. Really like Jang Woo and Sun Ha is beautiful  [they were with different partners in WGM and I keep thinking about it] but wouldn't watch it again.**

24. My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Poor Min Woo..like Jo Woon in Good Doctor..you have to act a pabo. Although not as great performance as Jo Won's...Min Woo is getting better and better. Unfortunately, I won't be watching this again. ***

25. The Girl Who Sees Smell
Why do I remember Seung Gi in You're Surrounded when watching this ? Maybe the story line's the same : joining the police force to find out something and get revenge ? I wish there was more impact of her ability to envision scents..they could exercise her gift more. I like Sin Se Kyung the best here, her appearance is great here, not stiff like in her other dramas. Park Yo Chun ? Like him better in Rooftop Prince. ***

Okay, not a bad number for 18 months...almost 2 dramas a month, actually more, as the discs got scattered around the house and I couldn't find them all, and there are Chinese dramas that I watched such as : Boss And Me and The Four. I accidentally picked two dramas with Zang Han in it he he....well, it's just fine with me !!  Hope you didn't get too tired reading my post today. See you around ^^


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