Showing my love...

 photo 100_2771.jpg

For the love of Hyun Joong . . .  
I am a KHJ fan, still am. Don't know till when I will be his fan, 
but I'm not running at the first sign of trouble.
These are the pics I took of my scrap-booking
for KHJ's Birthday last year, sent to LKHJ, then to HJ.

 photo 100_2729.jpg

My scrap-booking supply this time, didn't get to use all the 
stuff I prepared. But had to buy more wooden letters to stick...

 photo 100_2730.jpg

Wuri Boy's favorite manga.....
thought I could do something with them..

 photo 100_2734.jpg

Decided on the shape and the paper colors . . .
I am going simple . . . black, off-white and red.
Cut out heart shaped red stuff.

 photo 100_2783.jpg

'Course glue the Bday wish for HJ first....

 photo 100_2739.jpg

Then the name . . . and the hearts !

 photo 100_2791.jpg

Now glue the rest of the letters . . .
me not a professional, so far from perfect.
Glue is seeping and sticking everywhere :P 
even stuck my fingers together.

 photo 100_2770.jpg

I cut out the white paper and make sorta a frame
for the black paper . . .

 photo 100_2740.jpg

Arrange the letters and hearts a bit artistically.

 photo 100_2736.jpg

then write on the white paper .  .  . the theme,
this time, it's Together Always

 photo 100_2776.jpg

Waah . . . almost finished, took a break in the middle,
my back was killing me. . . too much bending, I guess.

 photo 100_2747.jpg

Now, putting the theme in big letters . . .
cut letters out of mom's gardening magazine :)

  photo 100_2752.jpg

Lucky I found all the letters in matching fonts.
[slyly chuck out the ruined magazine behind mom's back]
Find a blank part to put the words in . . .

  photo 100_2750.jpg

Okie  . . . straighten it out

  photo 100_2756.jpg

Okay, finished the front part !

 photo 100_2754.jpg

Now for the back, coz it's too empty,
who knows KHJ turns it around, 
where are those One Piece mangas . . .

 photo 100_2757.jpg

Hmm, black ! Put a piece of white, then.
Cut out some interesting manga characters,
slather glue and stick them on the white paper

 photo 100_2759.jpg

Drew some convo balloons 
so the manga characters and I could talk
[to HJ]

 photo 100_2760.jpg

Fill in the dialog balloons with things I want to say,
dare say there were lots of mistakes with the Hangul :(
Me predict HJ will have a hard time
figuring out the meaning of my message
from the crazy Hangul [courtesy of Google trans]. 

Now : I read the Hangul and can't understand a thing !!  

  photo 100_2755.jpg

Finished product below . . .
enjoyed every minute I spent creating it,
stuck fingers, back-ache and all !!
Just hope it wont fall apart b4 reaching HJ.

 photo 100_2764.jpg


joongana said…
one word onnie "Daebak!!"
lovely idea...
sambil lihat poto"nya cuma bisa nganga, n bilang cantik bangeeet
simple elegan begituuu uuuuu...

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