Cyber Bullies & Yellow Journalism Rule

Going thru many things in my fandom of certain K-celebs and K-pop groups, the negative things really stands out, sometimes making me ask myself . ."Is this worth the pain ?". Well, I'm still a fan . . until I am overcome with depression that negatively influence my real life, me hanging on there. Yupzzz . . . still BYJ, KHJ, and SS501's fans. Still like T-ara, PSH and JKS, even tho like me and like you, they are not perfect!

Some of you might wonder why there are tons of crazy, trashy, crappy, despicable and sh*tty comments on KHJ's case, specially in S. Korea. Even though KHJ has admitted his action, he doesn't deserve all the thoughtless comments. Well,they/the posters are called Cyber Bullies. 

Most South Korean cyber bullies are teenagers hiding behind the cloak of Internet anonymity, analysts say, products of a highly regimented culture in which the young are discouraged from speaking their minds with parents, teachers and bosses. At home in their rooms, they let loose, often at the slightest provocation.

Min Byoung-chul, a professor of English at Konkuk University in Seoul, cites the society's hypercompetitiveness as a key factor in online prickliness.

 "I was alarmed at the level of maliciousness on the Internet," Min said. "Many people enjoy hearing about how much damage has been done to the target person. There needs to be more civility."

Regarding HJ's case, IMO not only Korean Cyber Bullies, but World Cyber Bullies as well have joined in the bandwagon.

There is another terminology that I've become aware of since I've been following and researching everything I can lay my hands on about HJ's case, it's Yellow Journalism.

What is Yellow Journalism ?

It's the kind of journalism scandal news sites practice, mainly to create sensational stories. Two features [of several] of this kind of journalism comes to mind :
  1. Use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience and a parade of false learning from so-called experts.
  2.  Dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.
For me, the word fake stands out, as I have read about T-ara and Hong Ga Hye. Though not many people know and realize that the evidence dispatch presented was fake, people only cared about the sensation and the scandal, and the money they get from exploiting it.

Another fake comes to mind . . . I read this somewhere . . . .
A defamatory report was released by 'Dispatch'  as JYJ were on their way to South America to preform 2 sold out concerts in Chile and Peru.
This whole 'Dispatch'-created controversy happened when the media outlet published a story making allegations against members of JYJ; specifically Jaejoong and Yoochun.  They released what turned out to be an edited audio recording where Jaejoong is supposedly saying harsh things to what 'Dispatch' labeled a "fan".
Dispatch made the implication that it was a regular fan to whom Jaejoong was talking.  However, that person may have been a 'sasaeng'.  [ Sasaengs are people who regularly invade celebs' privacy, follow them around, record them and randomly put their lives in danger by trying to cause car accidents in hopes of meeting the celeb].

Well for JJ's case, Dispatch was sued . . . good for JJ !

This and this are interesting reads.

Take heart and march on ! 


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