A snake eating it's own tail..

Warning: Long rambling rant coz feeling out-of-sortz.

You were warned !

What's with the title?? Well, a vision of a snake eating itself, starting from the tail up . . . and eventually dying, suddenly appeared in my imagination when I was thinking of Hyun Joong's problems with that Korean scandal media, ya'all know which one I mean, right !

Rather than talking about the case itself . . . I'm talking about the possible effect it will have on the K-entertainment in general. Have been thinking about this since PSH's and T-ara's case, actually. Scandal magazine, blogs, site, publications love it if they could [be the first] to print celebrity's secrets, wrong doings, relationship etc. When they reveal a celeb's relationship, he or she will start to lose some fans . . . its normal [that's why relationships are a big problem for Idols and their agency], if the reveal is assault in nature . . . as the case with PSH and KHJ, whether it is the truth or not, the stars are in danger of career ruin and loss of many many fans.

Here's where the snake eating it's own tail comes in. Scandal journalistic world exist because there are celebrities [subjects of their write ups] and because there are fans [audience]. The more successful they are in digging up relationships and dirt on celebs [whether it is true or not] the more audience, clicks, profits etc. But in the long run . . . there will also be more and more people who won't be clicking those scandal news sites anymore . . . why ? Coz they are not fans of the celebs anymore, they've left the star, if not, leave the K-ent world altogether . . [successful influence of scandalous articles].

Let's look at it this way :

Korean Scandal news site-------> reveal scandal of idol X [true/not] -------> lots of clicks/audience ------> hundreds of fans leave X -----------> same number of fans will not be clicking Scandal news site anymore -------> Scandal news site actually loses audience.

I know . . . they won't die out . . . I'm being silly, but do you see the Snake eating it's own tail now ?? Well, I feel good after writing that down, coz it's terrible that they are making money off K-celebs by ruining them. For them there's no Innocent until proven Guilty, there's only : You're guilty coz we/someone say so.

Hmm . . . what else do I want to rant about ? Oh yes ! Do you know there's one girl in utube who created a video of her talking hate about HJ 's fans ?? Hmm . . . I hope she gets what she wants out of that video hahaha . 

Talking about T-ara, there was such a hullabaloo about the bullying . . . scandal news sites had a field day and every one hated T-ara . . . they were labeled bullies, yet all was quiet at the scandal news front when Police arrested a woman named Hong Ga Hye. 

When T-ara's case blew up, there was this information : Hwayoung’s cousin tweets Jiyeon is the ringleader.

Well now we know who Hong is :

Hong Ga-hye, a woman who gave an interview based on false information on the Sewol ferry accident and claimed that she was a private rescue driver, has been arrested by police on a charge of the publication of defamatory statement. She appeared on MBN, a general programming station, on the third day of the incident on April 18 and said, “I heard the survivors’ signals in the ship,” and “The coast guard is blocking private divers.” Her interview hurt the victims’ families, brought confusion to the rescue efforts, and allegedly defamed the honor of the coast guard. [english.donga.com]

. . . various netizens started to point out that they recognized this Hong Ga Hye. Those who had kept a close eye on the T-ara and Hwayoung controversy quickly pointed out that this was the same woman who had pretended to be Hwayoung's cousin to lie about things pertaining to T-ara. [allkpop.com]

The truth that we know now is this :  Hong Ga Hye pretended to be Hwayoung's cousin and spread lies about T-ara . . . click here to see her false tweets about T-ara.

What's the point in writing all these ? Just want to say that what we read in Scandal news sites are not all as it seems to be. In KHJ's case, I'm not saying that the girl is right or HJ is right. I think if HJ is in the wrong, he should be responsible, the same for the girl. But I will wait to hear HJ's side of it before forming any opinion. I hope the girl gets a fair treatment and KHJ also gets a fair treatment.

Okay...me will go to bed now and quit yappin'....


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