Heart Breaking

I'm sure every Kim Hyun Joong fan in the world is feeling the same as I am...specially those who really love him for himself, not for his appearance. He has come across as someone humble, shy, and kind to us. Remember I like Park Si Hoo and was very very sad about his assault case ? Some of you might have read what I wrote then :

My first reaction when I read about PSH's rape charge was shock and disbelief. It's sooo far removed from PSH's image.....it really made me sick at heart....like someone punched me in the stomach. Following the case anxiously and reading all the news I could about it made me soo heart-tired and  started to affect me in a bad way in everyday life.....I started to loose energy to do things...that shows you how much I like PSH. [that's PSH....if BYJ or KHJ....might just pass out ].

Well, now its Kim Hyun Joong, and the charge is very serious. You can imagine how I feel, it's like before but multiplied by hundreds. I feel like the ground has opened up and I'm falling and falling,  can't concentrate on anything, couldn't concentrate on anything yesterday, but somehow I got thru the day.
I don't have any thoughts about this that I could discuss with you, my head's too hurtful. The could be no guess work and theories that could satisfy. As we've only heard A's charge against KHJ, I will wait for Hyun Joong to explain his side of it. I think it is only fair.

For this case, as with PSH, I will be honest, whether it's Kim Hyun Joong or the girl : a person should take responsibility for his or her actions. I am still Kim Hyun Joong's fan, and I pray that the truth should prevail.


KoreaFansPanama said…
My dear Myoce.. I am sharing with you same feelings .. I adore to HJ since his debut.. I can't believe that he is involved in this type of situation.. Sick relationship.. but I think everything will be clear.. and HJ will take responsability of his actions... and learn the leason.. I will stay in his side coz he is a human too I love to him in good or bad time..
Hugs Anabel
myoce said…
Dear Anabel,

Thanks for the comment, eventho a lot of "netizens" are hating HJ and hating us , his, fans...but I will still be here on his side. He didn't cover up his actions and I think he will be responsible. I feel sorry for the girl, but giving information to dispatch instead of only to the authorities seems suspicious...

Hope HJ is strong enough to get thrue this and become a better man, he has learned a lot of lessons the hard way...

Hugs, myoce

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