My lil' urchin boy From The Star....

 photo star.jpgHmm...I've  just got to have these fantastic photos of  Hyun Joong in here, for the own record !
Hi, Long time no see....yupz, me been mia, Like Jason Mranz said....I needed space for navigating....hehe... a lot of space ! ...but, I won't give up on you, err I mean on my blog. I received two comments asking me not to stop really made me happy and more determined to have my come-back in Dazed by Life. Anyway, for all of you lovely people who are still reading Dazed by Life, terimakasih, gomawoyo, thank you so much ... for sticking around :)  Now, please let me gaze in rapture at these pics...hehehe.

 photo star5.jpg

 Hmmm...never has a rail road look so hot !

 photo star6.jpg

He sure knows how to work a hoodie ^^

 photo star7.jpg

If I do this, I'd probably look like a bum...hahaha

 photo star8.jpg

Don't let his thinness deceive you !
[ Spoiler : look at the last pix below kekeke]

  photo star4.jpg

I remember SS501's photo shoot in Thailand...
it was also in a bus...remember ?

  photo star2.jpg

Dear leader...with your obsession of skulls...
even the umbrella bends to your will..
or the style director did !

 photo star3.jpg's a skull alright !!

 photo star1.jpg

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No.1 Star & Style Magazine


sifazayu said…
Hiiiiii myoce ^^

I was very happy receiving notification that u updated this blog ^_^ thankyu so very much!! I miss ur lovely posts :)
Anonymous said…
Dear Moyce,
I love your blog too. Pls keep up your great work! Thank you.
May said…
Hello, so sad that you have removed your 2015 postings on KHJ.
myoce said…
Dear May,

I didn't delete them...just revert them to draft. I was so disappointed in the issues that arise among fans that I deleted...almost deleted all my posts on KHJ,even. I still love HJ and I hope he builds up his career again. At this time fans should unite and support not argue and blame. I also don't like the differenciation of fans : fans of KHJ only, fans of KHJ and SS501 or fans of KHJ and BYJ. I wish they don't diferenciate....we're all HJ's fans.

I'll publish the articles on KHJ again...cos those were and are my thoughts..

Thanks for speaking out, I appreciate it.


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