The Sunflower of my master...

 photo 100_3775_zps9e1d17b5.jpg of words on a Kdrama title ^^
Sun Flowers that hubby planted in our house in NTT.
I've posted these in fb and other places...
so it's only fair they have to be here too...

 photo 100_3736_zps80d7271e.jpg

 photo 100_3738_zpsdd58072e.jpg

 photo 100_3743_zps3124fea0.jpg

 photo 100_3756_zps260569e1.jpg

 photo 100_3747_zps2bb72e3f.jpg

 photo 100_3742_zps78b4a59b.jpg

 photo 100_3735-002_zps1f8d3f99.jpg

 photo 100_3735_zps2e1b6fff.jpg

Annnnd...last but not least...
get ready for's too big for my blog ^^

 photo 100_3753_zps7e3fe2a7.jpg


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