Just want to say I'm still here... he he

Gee . . . I miss Dazed by Life so much, but there's too many things going on in my life that this blog has to take a backseat , and other things have to get my attention ! I talk a lot about Yong Joon in the BYJ group in FB and at our BYJ blog, but I miss talking about Hyun Joong ! . . . still read his updates and ogle his cute cute pics tho . . . Now I'd just like to chat and post my pics, the ones I took when I was in Central Java, more precisely, in Semarang,  took pics at the Semarang Old City, where there were lots of buildings from the seventeen hundreds . . . build by the Dutch.

 photo 100_3375-001_zpsde2f4537.jpg

This Old Church is still in use . . . 
I'll try attending Sunday service there,
next time I'm in Semarang. 
Below is a pix of the clock at the tower . . . 
a bit crooked, but I like it anyway, 
must have taken it from the wrong angle.

 photo 100_3383_zps3d80a97b.jpg

I do love the pix below . . . 
there's something mellow and romantic about it . . . 
even though the building is overtaken by plants, 
nature reclaiming it's territory.

 photo 100_3436_zpsf43c1d00.jpg

Oh . . . I just remembered that Yong Saeng is enlisting at the end of this month . . . have you listened to a snippet of his album ? Wow great voice ! Can't wait for the full album. I hope he fares well in the army, and able to meet Kyu Jong ^^.  Oh the SS501 boys are going one by one . . . soon it will be lonelier for fans. Okay, let me stop talking and let you enjoy the "blast from the past" from Central Java.

 photo 100_3445_zps3b80f7d1.jpg

 photo 100_3416_zpsbc9058f8.jpg 

 photo 100_3417_zps2398d3d0.jpg

  photo 100_3451_zps81569e8d.jpg

Does the area look like a European city ? . . . . a little bit I guess, but in neglect and in dire need of repair to get it back to it's original glory. The problem is most of the buildings there are privately owned...so it's difficult if the owners don't have the funds. Oh yes, forgot to tell you that my daughter and I enjoyed a cute breakfast in Semarang . . . he . . he . . he . . see if you don't think it's cute !

 photo 100_3403_zps32b7aba9.jpg

Chocolate Bread, Mousy n little mousy . . . yum yum

 photo 100_3406_zpsd9365456.jpg

A Porcupine Cheese Bun for me :)

 photo 100_3410_zps31f53fb4.jpg

The Porcupine's escaping  . . . kekeke . .
 Me escaping outta here too, CU later !



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