A "BYJ-meet" in Central Java...

 photo 2013-09-22_zpsa3a41054.jpg</p><p>

Never guessed I'd "meet BYJ" in Central Java !! 
But I was soo lucky to pass a Korean restaurant 
and see something through the windows ... 
yup, I saw a large illuminated image 
of a very familiar and beloved face ^^

 photo 100_3384_zps9eff92c2.jpg

My daughter and I found this restaurant near the hotel, 
actually there are two near to each other ,
one is this...Goryo Garden Restaurant, and another 
is Kobe Garden Restaurant, which also serve Japanese Food .

We were going to enter through these doors....but...

 photo 100_3386_zps2cdeaec4.jpg

Rusak in Indonesian means broken

 photo 100_3385_zps7aa2b2c8.jpg

Okie...if you've got a non functional front door,
you know how to inform your guests in Hangul 
to go to the side door instead.
[Who knows Yoong Joon comes calling and can't get inside]

 photo 100_3387_zps191f5c02.jpg

Do you see the white monitor on the wall ? 
The one with the back lighting ?
Yep.....behind the pics of SNSD !...well...
THAT's a picture of BYJ and CJW in WLS !!

 photo 100_3388_zps12567caf.jpg

Can't see anything, right ! 
Just a smidgen of Yong Joon's hair and arm.
I tried to take pix of that picture many times...
it always comes out like the pix above.
" It's because the back light is too strong", the waitress said...
Hmmm, bet I wasn't the only one who'd tried to take a pix of it !!

 No worries...I'll just put in that well known pix myself !
See ? It's exactly like what we saw !

 photo 2013-09-23_zps3cc552f0.jpg

After we ordered, the Banchan or side dishes came out first

 photo 100_3392_zps9d2f324c.jpg

After that, my daughter's order... 
 Mul Naengmyeon or cold buckwheat noodle.
It's so hot here in Semarang, as it's a coastal town
...this is just right, so fresh and cooool :

 photo 100_3393_zps540222a7.jpg

The dark grey/brown small noodles were a bit rubbery, 
so you have to use not only your teeth..but also scissors,
to cut the noodle as you eat...mmmmm yummmy...
[was wondering what the scissors were for]
Careful as not to poke your eyes out with that scissor.

 photo 100_3395_zps5da6987e.jpg

Really delicious and refreshing !
Then, my order...I played it safe and ordered Bulgogi.
Me can't eat hot food...if u know me well, you'd know that..
The Bulgogi was just right...mmmmm..mmm !

 photo 100_3396_zpsdac0178c.jpg

Don't know if you can do it with the meat of the Bulgogi or not,
but I spread a Ssangchu leaf and wrapped the meat 
with some banchan and kimchie in it, 
put the whole thing in my mouth...
 and ate it K-drama style, exactly !

And...to my surprise ...it was sooo GOOD !!!
Got busy spreading, putting, wrapping, chomping^^

 photo 100_3397_zps88cf4aaa.jpg

As we ate...we opened our ears wide...
coz the owner, a middle aged couple,
and all the other costumers in the restaurant,
were Koreans !! and they were speaking Korean ^^
We felt as if we were in a K-drama..
sadly...we found out we still needed subtitles !!

As we were leaving, I read the paper above...
it translates [incorrecty]  into Indonesian as :
Sesame Oil Made for Oneself
I think I can safely translate it into English as:
Home Made Sesame Oil ^^

Thanks for following us 
in our adventure in a Korean Restaurant 
where we "met" Yong Joon ssi !

 photo 2013-09-023_zps394f58a3.jpg


Donna Dickson said…

What a awesome experience Myoce...
ik so jelly. kekeke
myoce said…
Oh Donna...me was soo happy...wish we could go there together..it's not an upper-class kinda place, just average...

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