My experiments in picasa

 photo 100_2672-Copy_zpsf31ebe4e.jpg
The Kiwi fruits look radioactive keke. . .

Well, here I am again with my photographs . . . toyed round with them in the new picasa program and behold some strange results ^^. Some of the pictures reminds me of the visuals in Avatar ! But they're all beautiful in my eyes :) Hope there's some which catch your eyes. . . .

 photo 100_2467-001_zps608ab358.jpg
Inverted the colors, purple petals become green . . .

 photo 100_2463_zps85be0ce8.jpg
My favorite . . . it's so Avatar-ish ^^

 photo 2013-04-198_zpse0d29b9c.jpg
Another inversion processing, yellows were originally purple
and blues were originally browns . . .

If you have picasa you might want to try what I did....ran my photographs through the inversion, boost, neon-ization, vignette and other processes. If you want to see the original photos, before I processed them, you can click HERE.

 photo 100_2490-001_zps75f92d96.jpg
 A great surprise, love this, courtesy of the "Neon" process.

 photo 101_2140-001_zps67b1fa7f.jpg
My Pink blooms became purplish green.

Don't know when I could blog again, 
but I do want to take up my pen type a lot of my mind here, 
it's been too long. . . .TTFN !!

 photo 2013-06-010_zps120bece3.jpg


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