The tiger under the tree


How have you been?? Fine I hope ! Me...???...same ol' same ol'...just busy dragging my body around doing mundane but oh-so-necessary chores. Coz of doing all the work myself [help went home since 3 months ago], when I wake up my hands are swollen...and painful ...and all allergic to shallots...and in my country.... food have shallots in them :( Have to wear gloves...I keep forgetting to buy them.

Tomorrow a towering pile of laundry awaits yours truly ... me tottering just thinking bout it .... anyway... I'm glad our tree is already decorated, another tree is packed and ready to be brought to Kupang. Will have the excitement of decorating a Christmas tree twice ...hehe. I also have to muster my energy for packing ....coz the kids are still busy with school events, so moi will have to do it moiself. With all these these going-ons I should be a bit thinner, but instead I think I'm gaining weight...sob sob.

What ?...what ?....oh, the tiger ? didn't see the tiger under the tree ?...are you sure ?...I am certain that I put a pix of a tiger under a pix of a tree ! Yep...I did,  I did....4sure  !



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