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I thought I'd go back to the classic template of Blogger for the's much easier to decorate. True that I had more visitors when I switched to the new template...but many of my sidebars elements didn't show anymore. Just now I've taken out the side bars elements that I don't think relevant any more.

Still embroiled in off line stuff and can't blog much but really want to now I'm bothering you with my ramblings^^. Hyun Joong has done many things that I'm unable to blog about...but I know there's no shortage of infos and news about him on the net, so you're all alright on that score. Although I don't much like the hair style they've put on him....prefer him with straight hair.

While busy with household chores, I managed to watch some dramas from deep into Full House take 2...Have always loved Min Woo [as you can see here and here ] and loved him in K-dramas...but now he's got one of the lead roles !! [ i noe...he had a lead role in Rock Rock Rock, but it's short and he had a very depressing role]. Full House 2 is very fun to watch....despite the hairdoos :) This handsome Rose is such a talented individual !

Oh yes, I saw Absolute Boyfriend [ Go Hye Sun and Jiro Wang]...tears were falling at the end...I was so touched....I know it's very manga like...but I can't help crying for that robot...he had so much surprised that Jiro Wang's already 30 yrs old, he looks 19. Errrr....what ?? OH ! Of course I fell : hook, line and sinker !! Hahaha. Jiro is another talented individual, [Fahrenheit] design...and acting. Yes, I do admire celebrities like No Min Woo, Go Hye Sun and Jiro Wang, as they are able to tap into their whole potential.

I'll end my babbling here. This holiday will be so different from other holidays....since we won't be home...will be going to Kupang 4 Christmas. Wish me well. OK !  All the best to you all....


Me...split in two, horizontally. 
Took a pix of the back of the side-view mirror of our car.


Anonymous said…
I'm really enjoying Full House Take 2 right now also!

I could go off on a whole diatribe about the costumes and the hair, but I'll spare you.

I'm just really happy watching this one... I've laughed a lot!
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

Thanks for the reply one year later :)

Hahaha....inspite of everything [hair,costume,song] I loved Min Woo in it. I did hope they'd make it more romantic..kekeke...but it's ok, I get to see lots of Min Woo^^

Some parts of Take One's song sounds like KHJ's Kiss Kiss I thought...

Min Woo's solo on the piano was impressive.

I wish he'd get a more manly role and look in his future dramas.

Have a great week end, Anon !


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