My own things...


Yup ! Posting my own things again. I've neglected lots of things these two months [including the one you're staring at] of them, photography, my passion :) I've posted photos of the same kind of flowers...but I think they were of different colors.


The above pix turned out a bit unclear....but I like it anyway... has a certain beauty to it


This one's not that great either...but I like the angle he he....


This one ? .......well, I like those busy ants !


This pink one.....not so artistic, but I love the color.

Talking about color.....I'm leaving you now with a splash of color..
CU....later, when I'm not strangled with work/chores...sigh  *(-.-)*



Anonymous said…
Love the pictures!!!

Missed you!

Love and Hugs

We Dragons
myoce said…
Dearest Dragons...

I Miss you both also !!

These days emotion is Draconic.

I wish I could spurt fire tru my nostrils and roar and blaze things away...hahahaha.

Hmmm me NOT a cute dragon.

Mebbe aught to change my name,
from "Puff" to "Grouch", cos I feel like Oscar in the garbage can in Sesame St.

All the best to Oregonian dragons !

Love, Puff [a.k.a Grouch]

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