Miss blogging....


Been a long time no blogging...well...I don't know what to say, since I don't know all of you well enough to spill my "beans" to...kekeke...anyway...I'm so busy and headachy that I don't know my head from my tail....if I had a tail, that is. If I had a tail, I would win number one - paws down - on a "droopy tail" competition....mine's the droopiest of the droopies...

No blogging means no talking about Hyun Joong, Yong Joon ssi and other Korean citizens that I love and talking silly talks about anything I like, which you all don't like....but I talked about anyway. I miss putting up my photographs here for me to admire ....I miss talking with friends in my c-box....I miss replying to comments....Where am I ?? Oh yes....No Blogging....means I miss blogging and I miss Hyun Joong and Yong Joon ssi and more. Ok, I'd better stop now before I get more incoherent ....please wish me luck on everything so I'll be able to update as usual again here.....see you later...

Photo credit : Hangten, collage by me.


joongana said…
Onnie bogoshipoooyooo sorry for not make any call to you, but when on twitter i always looking for mention from you onnie, i miss your tickle ing words, and when you just pop up like that, i know you re busy onnie, me too, new class for regular bimbel primary school make us busy *ugh masih menyesuaikan dengan anak"pola belajarnya, sangat bermacam-macam.
HOPE YOU ALWAYS HEALTHY ONNIE,your HUBBY too, Melchan and your HENSEM BOY(apakah dia bertambah tinggi lagi onnie?)Om dan Tante, may GOD bless you all
myoce said…

Here's the reply 1 year late hahaha..

Yep,the girl and boy have gotten taller...mom is the shortest... didn't know you changed numbers, so have been sending greetings thru ur old number.

We are busy....you can see how I neglect this blog :(

Hope you'll have a Beautifuuuul New year 2013 dearest Joongana !

Have a blessed week.


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