Hyun Joong's Unlimited Charm....


Me thinks Kim Hyun Joong's got UNLIMITED charms...
with out saying a word, 
he's already able to charm people,
and THEN... he ...
speaks, sings, dances, 
acts, draws or looks at you,
and you're blown away !!
[is it apparent I'm still bitten by D'leader bug?]

Holding a guitar.....his beloved instrument.
Other than sing and dance, I'm waiting  for KHJ
to play Bass Guitar in a band...if not with SS501,
then in a few of his solo performance.
Bass is his forte, even TOP of BigBang said so,
and he's known KHJ for ages, since they
used to live in the same neighborhood since young.
I remember the two songs they collab on...
KHJ on the guitar and TOP rapped.


Whoops....how many ear piercings does leader have ??

When I was away, melchan got 2 on her left ear...
I was away for a week.....imagine how many she'd get 
if I went away for a month? ....LOL LOL...
Mama's just kidding melchan^^

Back to KHJ....isn't this photo of him awesome ?!!!


Here are some excerpts from articles about 
KHJ's new Japanese studio album, UNLIMITED :

‘Unlimited’ will present a more mature rock style than his previous single ‘HEAT’. His new album will contain a total of 14 songs including ‘Your Story’, ‘Save Today’, I’m Yours’, and others.

His title track ‘Your Story’ was composed and produced by Kim Sun Il, who is a bassist from Korean indie band Daybreak, and is set to provide a visual and audio treat for fans. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong’s vocals will also add some flavour to the track, and likely to receive lots of love from fans.

Meanwhile, ‘Save Today’ was a joint production by 3 bands Pia, Downhell, and Daybreak which is a rarity in the Korean music scene today.

Source : http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/


Photo credits : 
as labeled, as seen in hyunjoongkajeablover 
and hancinema.net


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