For the love of Eun Jung


A pix from their upcoming Photo Book.
This was taken before the fiasco....
Eun Jung and other T-ara members in happier times..
Me posting the below vidz supporting Eun Jung.

Video from YT by SweetMuffin93

Do love this girl...if there's some structure mistakes in the doesn't effect the meaning...which shows the heart of the one who created the video and her support for Eun Jung. I'm glad I stumbled upon it...

Am glad to see Eun Jung strong and unfazed by all the issues and  I'm happy to know T-ara going on ahead with all the comeback activities, despite the controversy and the pro and cons of a too early comeback. It won't be easy and smooth...they are having a real hard time I'm sure, not just Eun Jung...but all T-ara members, but I really admire their pluck and determination.... YES !...I said.. determination !! They know how to do the very best they can under the situation.

Having a bad case of  WGM WooJung couple withdrawal syndrome...
need me a tonic :

Video from YT by Mymosa028

Photo credits : 
T-ara Freedom photo book, allkpop and other sites.


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