BYJ texted support for The One

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It seems Yong Joon ssi has sent a text message to The One, a contestant in the "I Am A Singer 2" program in MBC. I also read that Hyun BIn sent a card and flowers for him in support. Looking at the vidz....The One really sang with emotion..there were teary eyes in the audience. Below is an excerpt from an article about BYJ's text :

During September 23rd broadcast of MBC 'I Am A Singer 2', The One revealed a text message that he got from Bae Yong Jun after last week's competition.

'The One' said, "My family members were very delighted, and a lot of people called me. This is quite amazing."

As the staffs asked him about the text message from Bae Yong Jun, he showed it to the camera. The message read, "You were the best. I hope you'll keep appearing on the show. It's feels quite new to see you on TV. Many good things will come if you keep being who you are on TV."

The One said, "I'm never deleting this text message. I know it if it was sincere or not just by a look. After getting this text message, I felt so touched."

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PS. If you want to hear the Original song, 
sung by Hyun the link below :)
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