All Mixed Up

As usual....I have problems blogging on Saturday nights....just can't upload pictures and open pages. Guess the traffic in the net is just heavy and jammed, so you'll get this picture-less post with just my mixed up mumblings. I've put mumbling headings ^^

Bae Yong Joon

Hmm....BYJ has just celebrated his B-day and as usual busy with his [unknown] projects and Keyeast....which has been doing well till now....stock value number 3 behind SM and YG...ahead of JYP and Yedang :). Although the difference is wide from SM and YG, but able to beat JYP...well...that's somethin'. Of course Baefamily [BYJ's fans]  are always waiting and hoping for BYJ to appear in a Drama or film. I've watched The Legend again since I really miss watching BYJ on screen. I've put The legend OST in my music player, sung by none other than the legendary DBSK...while still in full formation.

Kim Hyun Joong

On my little urchin boy Hyun Joong, I'm way behind, any post I write about him seems not to do justice....and I haven't got time to do a heartfelt post on him. He's very busy shooting, so not too much glimpse of him going about his activities could be seen. 'Course there's a lot of pix in magazine spreads, adds and the like. I hope he takes care of his health and be careful when doing stunts [it's an action drama...some actions are dangerous I'm sure] and  I hope he's having a great time doing new things. Leader...fighting !

Park Jung Min

Jung Min's busy with ROMEO....and I'm way behind...having just finished watching Fondant Garden :)'s not a heavy and light...Jung Min's not bad there...tho he has still to develop his acting in serious scenes. He's great in the fun and teasing scenes...I admire his courage and determination in working in another country and tackling the language barrier.


For K-dramas....hmmm...Gentlemen's Dignity was great, and I thought Kim Ha Neul looked really beautiful here...she's more beautiful here than in You're My Pet. The stylist really knows how to bring out her beauty in this drama. Great acting from the leads and cast....they're veteran actors, you could feel the difference !  Another great drama is Ji Sub here...I watched him in Always...but Ghost  is a wonderful drama, love the will enjoy this even though there's no strong love line developing between the leads. I bet hubby and son will enjoy this because of the high tech subjects. ...another drama with experienced lead actors...smooth acting.


Just can't help thinking : Management, my foot !! 

[in a fighting bull mode every time anyone mentions T-ara]

Whoops...there was a small earthquake while I'm writing this...we went out of the house...I was typing and almost fell off my chair. I'm back in ...hope nothing bad happened in the epi-centrum.

Anyway, back to T-ara....I read about T-ara's issue and "Noise Marketing" and the opinion that the recent fiasco was deliberate ...a marketing strategy ? Well of all the ridiculous things...isn't marketing done with the objective of increasing sales and....ultimately...increasing revenues ?? How is T-ara members being pulled out of dramas, endorsements and contracts be considered increasing  anything ??? does that make sense ???!!

What is KKS doing putting in small girls into T-ara's routine ?? And with that song title ? No wonder there's an out cry of protests. What kind of managing is this ? Oh well, I'd better not discuss KKS, don't want my BP to rise.

For T-ara.....good luck on your comeback !


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