T-ara controversy....who's bullying who ?

Oh this fiasco....it's really a great trial and suffering for the T-ara members. Can you imagine the state of mind [and body] they are in right now? Not surprising if some of them could have fallen ill  or are unable to cry anymore because they've used up their tears of a life time. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a fan, but I like Eun Jung in WGM and DH 1 ...so I feel very sorry for her and other T-ara members. Seems like things went and got worse before it got slightly better...by "get slightly better" I mean some articles are now more logical than before. But still want to rant in my blog coz of this unfairness. This whole thing has rubbed me the wrong way or something [even I - myself - am puzzled by my anger and my urge to write so many words on this issue, it's just not like me]. Let me rant, OK?...if you don't want to hear...then please don't continue reading.

Here's what I have observed so far :

  • On T-ara's shoulders are placed the blame for every bullying case in the country.

Looking at articles titled like:T-ARA's Controversy Becoming a Problem in the Society ...really makes me see red. It seems the [S.Korean] public is bent on putting the blame of every bullying case in the country on T-ara's shoulders, when it's not even proven that bullying occurred. On the contrary, videos and facts which refutes rumors of bullying are turning up...click here and here to read or watch. I read this in the article above: Parents nationwide expressed their concern about the controversy and demanded it to be dealt with seriousness. Parents are claiming that if this controversy ends without any severe consequences to the assailants, children will take on the belief that they will also be able to get away with such inappropriate behavior especially since idol groups have an incredible power to influence the younger generation. I see that they demand "severe consequences to the assailants"!! Are they kidding ? If there was no bullying, possibly the most serious mistake that T-ara members made were regarding their tweets. Don't you think the title of the above article should be : Bullying is Becoming a Problem in the Society...?

  • T-ara members are treated worse than criminals.

They are putting T-ara on the same class as criminals...even murderers do not get a witch hunt and anti fan sites with thousands of members like T-ara is getting right now. Not many people have been recorded to be throwing eggs at criminals. T-ara have not been proven to have done something against the law....but they are treated worse than criminals.The hate wave directed at T-ara is just so extraordinary in volume, intensity and speed....have T-ara's actions deserve this large volume of intense hate ?

  • T-ara is  forced and coerced  [threatened] by the public to explain everything, by netizen and antis through the T-ara Social Justice Coalition [note that forced and coerced defines being bullied]. 

As for T-ara Social Justice Coalition...well, they are  really something, alright ! They demanded Kim Kwang Soo and T-ara to hold a public conference to reveal the truth about this crisis...they said that KKS alone is not enough...T-ara members have to be there also, the article in Kpopstarz states : The public [in this case the Social Justice Coalition] is waiting for him [KKS] to open a public hearing with the T-ARA members and Hwayoung so that they may be able to explain the truth. Wow ! So...it looks like T-ara members are accountable to this Coalition ? How strange...I didn't know they were T-ara's sponsor and financer ??!! Y'know...in law, a hearing is a proceeding before a court or other decision-making body....is that what they are demanding? On who's authority ? It's clear that the public, netizens and antis are bullying T-ara members.

  • Trial by the press and distorted public opinion have destroyed T-ara's hard earned position and status in the K-pop scene.

All T-ara member's appearance on music programs, variety shows, videos, advertisements, billboards, magazines etc...etc...have to be edited out or face the anger of the public....all their contracts had to be terminated....no company [including the National Police Academy ?] wants to be affiliated with T-ara anymore.   Other K-entertainers are avoiding T-ara as if T-ara has contracted a disgusting infectious disease. The entertainment community is treating T-ara very badly...instead of protecting and helping one of their own...they are turning their backs on them...worse...they  jump into the fray and begin pointing fingers at T-ara....maybe for some, to make use of the opportunity for their own gain. Even Comedian Shin Bora said that "Children [in school] will follow your mistake"...what mistake is she talking about, when nothing's proven. Only few entertainers dare to voice their support for T-ara.  I'm happy with the celebrities who are speaking up for T-ara....they are T-ara's true friends !!  I feel very sad for Eun Jung...she has worked hard and it's devastating to see her achievements torn down one by one by the public ...this is one of the reasons I am posting rants in my blog. Imagine how hurt she is feeling all this time...looking at the news must be h*#% for her and for Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum. They are crying all the time, KKS said....I bet their families are also crying.

  • T-ara members are not responsible for fostering and teaching new members. 

KKS said that it's T-ara's fault that Hwayoung became like that....he mentioned lack of fostering and guiding from more experienced members. Imo T-ara are responsible for their professional work, however they can't be expected to act as older siblings / parents / teachers / counselor or psychologist for new members....that's the agency's job. Of course they have come to care for each other and will help each other out. But imo, it's the agency's job to train and foster new members. Older members are already busy with jam-packed schedules...don't expect them to do more than they can....it's just too unfair.

Additional ramblings....

With the focus on Hwayoung, every one has forgotten Eun Jung, Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin and Ji Yeon ...and their years of hard work in advancing T-ara to become one of S. Korea's K-pop influential girl groups. T-ara was already famous by the time Hwayoung joined them. It's just too bad many people are blinded to the hardship that other T-ara members experienced when Hwayoung suddenly refused to appear in a performance...her rapping parts were given to other members...who had to memorize them quickly [I bet they  also had to adjust the choreography of their dance accordingly because of it] causing the other members to make mistakes on stage and affecting the overall quality of the performance. I don't believe that they forced Hwayoung to perform even though she was injured....they must have discussed it long be4 the show....and the decision must have been made with Hwayoung's agreement. The other member's disappointment with the outcome of the performance is understandable, and this [this is guessing in my part] could have driven them to tweet the words that made fans angry. 

This fiasco has negatively affected my wish to see Korea one day...which  originated from my love of K-entertainment. I have lovely Korean friends...they are intelligent, wise and caring....but it seems there are more unreasonable people there...

I hope all T-ara members are strong and continue to be strong in fighting the hate wave... I hope they get the support they need from their family, friends and fans [even a non-fan like me is supporting them]. Here's wishing  that  Eun Jung, Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin, Ji Yeon and Areum stay hopeful ...that what wrong will be righted....that justice will be served not only  to Hwayoung...but also to  Eun Jung, Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin & Ji Yeon  ....and T-ara will emerge from all this a much stronger and solid group. Dear T-ara, just let those ignorant people  have their fill of behaving like jesters and clowns....keep your cool and learn from your mistakes....turn your weaknesses into strengths and emerge as better performers and professional singers...T-ARA  FIGHHTIIING !!

Just in-case you come back and read within 24 hours : 
Wrote this post in the dead of night
and fell asleep several times while typing it.
This morning I came back to see if it all makes some sense ^^,
well...the result is you'll  see somethings have disappeared 
and some things have been added.
I'm wide awake now :)


Anonymous said…
Great post.
Read this makes me feel proud being a Triple S.
If only everyone could see the situation as you did, nothing of this would have happened.
So sad to see such backlash towards T-ara.
If something like this would have happened to SS501, I would have cried.
Anonymous said…
Great post!
myoce said…
Hi Anon 1,

Yup, I'd cry too if had happened to SS501 !! Thank Goodness they're still together.

Just don't understand netizens... and what they gained from slandering T-ara.

I'm glad I'm a Triple S too :)

Thanks for the nice comment !

myoce said…
Hi Anon 2,

Thanks ! I hope T-ara will be treated more fairly from now on.

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