Kyu's letter...


It's sooo nice to hear from Kyu !! Hope he's fine and healthy in the Army !!
Below is the trans of his letter to fans:

“To: Triple S and! ThanKYU ~
Hi! Is everyone doing well?! I am doing well during this short, 4-week training period.
Oh! I received the letters sent by you, the fans~^^. All thanks to them, I feel stronger, and I’m enjoying myself and doing well.
I’m really curious whether Pretties are doing well or not! I want to check in on your well-being everyday through SNS, and though it is a bit frustrating, I believe you all are definitely doing well ^^. Because you’re always well~ Hopefully, even more so in the future too! ^^
I miss you a lot~. While in training, when the [others in training] asked me random questions, I kept thinking back to the day I debuted in 2005. It’s already 2012..!
We’ve been together for a really long time…^^
Let’s make [great memories] in the future too.
Only a few days have passed, but I miss the members… T.T I also miss Pretties..! I’m reminded again how precious you all are.
The word ‘we’ is not a word that is used meaninglessly in Korean…^^ It’s a word that is only really used in a relationship like ours!~ The dongsaengs in my dormitory who are beside me, kept asking me to sing our songs… haha…
Even though I like singing, I felt shy and embarrassed here. ^^~
It’s been a long time since I’ve written a letter, so I’m [all over the place]!
I hope you understand~. I hope Pretties will always smile and stay positive~.
Looking forward to the day when we can smile together and meet once again! ^^
Bye bye~ .”

Source : elliefilet @ Allkpop. 


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