For T-ara, from Russia...with love..

Video from YT by lena pie

At least foreign fans are more reasonable than Korean fans...they are not infected with the HATE virus of K-netizens and K-public. It seems they are more loyal to T-ara [and believe in them]. I like watching this coz it shows LOVE ! Something we need more of...

Me not a Queen, tho I might seem like one :) Many people are caring about Hwayoung [and her sis] and the twins are happily making cute selcas...and KKS doesn't seem to be suffering much....he's enjoying his Birthday bash. On the other hand, Eun Jung and her group mates are at the bottom of the pit right now, and no one is offering a hand to pull them out. I'm posting about T-ara coz not many people are speaking up for them.  

KKS might be enforcing the silence mode on there's no way they could defend themselves, besides... the hate crowd won't listen and would just slander them even more. 

ps. off topic my traveling and using strange'll not get any great images here for a while. Thanks for still peeking in and reading my ramblings.


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