Roses and words


So here I am in my blog again. I'm almost always happy in's my special happy place. But right now...I'm just feeling beat. After taking care of my son who fell ill [ 3 days at home and 4 days in the hospital ], I came back home totally exhausted....caught a bad bug and had to stay in bed a few days...after that there was a lot of stuff to be done at work and teaching schedules to catch up. I couldn't shrink from my responsibility, so I got  on with it ....resulting in my bug turning very's become this persistent little monster.

Of course I'm taking medications...but I think I'll have to change it to smt stronger :( to squash that lil' monster of a bug. OK...I know it's not nice to hear about my problems, but my blog is also a place where I can let out, you'll have to bear with it...mianne....


Ok, these are all I want to say....I'm with-holding all my talk on K-entertainment so this post won't be a very long post....that kinda post, no can do right now...mebbe later ^^ Yup, right now I'm finding  life to be a bit difficult.....but I have to not to fall into a deep dark hole of depression.

I rejoice and thank God every time I see beauty in man and nature. Looking at these flowers, makes me rejoice more ^^ In the Bible, King James Version, the word "rejoice" appears 192's an important word....God tells us to, rejoice, people !!



Anonymous said…
I wish your son well, Myoce! You take care of your health also. My prayers are with you and your family :)
myoce said…
Dear Anon,

Thank you so much !
My son is better and he's returned to school...making up for lost time.

Today I'm better than yesterday : )
I'm sure 2morrow I will be healthier. Have to be, coz it will be a full week 4me ^^

Gomawo for your prayers, I really appreciate it.

Have a lovely weekend !

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