On being a Baefamily [fans of BYJ]

I hope you enjoy some of my BYJ artwork in this movie,
song : "One More Time" sung by Kim Hyun Joong.

On birthdays, religious holidays, new years and anniversaries....Bae-family [what Bae Yong Joon calls his fans] always gather and greet Yong Joon ssi and each other in BYJ's Official Korean Board [KOB] and BYJ's Official Japanese Board [JOB]. This has been going on for years and years.....with fans who have been a Baefamily for ten years, nine years.....until brand new fans who just found their way to byj.co.kr because they just fell for this gentle man from Korea.
Happy days are not the only days when Baefamily gather and wish BYJ and each other well, Baefamily [me included] run there and "cry their heart out" when they read some unfairness about BYJ in the news or hear some untruthful information about BYJ spreading around ...because we who love BYJ feel very hurt. We are safe to rant and rant....secure in the fact that our Baefamily will understand, agree and support and comfort us. Trouble makers do not have a future in our forum [actually, it's BYJ's forum ^^]...as we are able to nip them in the bud in a sec....except in rare cases of resistant annoyances....and those...we will fight them till the end !

These few years have seen many parts of the world hit by Natural and Man-made Disasters...Floods, Earthquakes, Nuclear Disasters and others.. As Baefamily come from all over the globe, we weep together for the misfortune of others, we pray together for strength, we give love, support and motivation to our Baefamily in dire situations. If we are able, we give concrete help and donations. Baefamily's love really vaporizes borders, able to reach  people of different countries, race and religions.

As a person, we have ups and downs in our life everyday.....sometimes  "something big" happens, whether the "something big" is positive or negative, sometimes we share this with Baefamily and feel better for it, this I know from personal experience. Since I've joined Baefamily, blessings of good will, gifts and presents have been sent to me by nice and thoughtful Baesisters....advice and supports have come my way at times  when I needed them...for these, I'm truly grateful.

I have been a Baefamily for four years now, I'm glad I came to know a Korean performer named Bae Yong Joon...and very happy to be included in his big family, the Baefamily.


Ida said…
Happy New Year!

Could you please tell me who has made the drawing where it says "When will I see you again" at the end of the video.

Mikino said…
Happy New Year Myoce!
Thanks for amazing video!
I wish you nice moments, happy and smiles!
Your, Mikino
myoce said…
Hi Ida,

You mean the pix of BYJ from a scene in The Legend, right ?

It's not a drawing, Ida. It's a photo that I edited in picasa, using black and white, tint and film grain effects.

myoce said…
Hi Mikino,

Thank you !
Have a lovely New Year To you also.

Love, myoce
Ida said…
Nice work Myoce!
myoce said…
Thanks a lot, Ida...
This will motivate me to create s'more he he
Donna Dickson said…
Beautiful artwork myoce...
BYJ is always beautiful. kekeke
BYJ always makes me smile.

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