KHJ - The Entertainer


Hyun Joong is becoming a true entertainer more and more. He battles his inherent quiet character and becomes smiling and open for his fans. This can be seen more at his FMs.......he looks sincerely and truly happy seeing his fans' smile and excitement. I'm very delighted seeing Hyun Joong's development as an all around artist, and grateful to see that he's breaking records and making his marks on the Entertainment world.


More importantly than just wishing Hyun Joong well on being a really professional entertainer, I am also wishing Hyun Joong well on being a "Real Man". Once Hyun Joong defined what a Real Man is :
"My definition of real man, is not the kind where he has to be very powerful or strong but more of someone who knows how to understand, knows how to commit and have a tolerant heart. Perhaps he does not really look very masculine on the outside, but to me this the definition a real man."
May Hyun Joong always live his life joyously with an understanding and tolerant heart, never afraid of any commitments that may appear on his horizon.


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Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce, Thank you for the short but sweet write up on HJ. He is indeed realizing his dreams but his feet are still firmly on the ground. I hope he enjoys his journey as much as his audience does. The best is still to come. Grace
myoce said…
Hi Grace,

He he..."short" is all can do these days. Thank you for still reading me. And I do agree 100% with what you say ! The best IS still to come :)

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