Hahahaha...it's 2PM !

I've liked 2PM since watching Dream High [one] ...
and this is just too hilarious to keep to myself  LOL...

Video from YT by 2ODtvCFs

Here's the note from 2ODtvCFs that went with the vidz :


NOTES: The CF is for K1 function which is like predictive texting! Khun is trying to ask Lin to be his girlfriend, but everyone is giving him alternative F words and he ends up asking her to be his fubu fubu (which also means nothing~~)

Wooyoung's word: Fun kood (impacted tooth)
Taecyeon's word: Fong tok (has no meaning...)
Chansung's word: Fer ga tan (a play on word meaning your boyfriend/girlfriend)
Junsu's word: Fong tao hoo (dry bean curd skin)
Junho's word: Feaw Ngo (an old slang which expresses 'cool' 'awesome')


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