My Sweet Seventeen - my girl ^^


Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, 
God Bless and Protect you for all time !
Love from mama, papa and chub^^


joongana said…
Lena, im sorry, i used to make a call on your birthday :) but umh..*hit my head*
happy sweet seventeen bb
seventeen is once for a lifetime it is a stone that you step for make more 2 step to twenty which no more teen again, prepare and i hope you more wise and pretty too, love your mom and dad, caring n loving your bro too, success in school as best student, last but not least God always bless you ^ ^

i wish i can send you a big gift "Big Bang" singing for you but i cant, well if im singing on behalf em might damaged your ear :D hope your bday wish come true dear :)
lena a.k.a melchan said…
@joongana hehe, thankyouuu very much ^^ yes, i will work hard \(>_<)/ and amen to all of the things said above !! thankyou again for the birthday wishes :D

p.s : it's okaay, my ears would be pleased to hear it, and i'm sure that big bang will be proud hehe ;D

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