Yakety-yak from me

I would have removed that lamp post if I could..

Too tired to do any updates on the K-pop and K-drama scene...just want to chill out and talk nonsense in my own place here. Skip this if you don't want to hear my yakety-yak, ne !

From the front....

Inside...y'can see the altar....

Me posting lotsa pixs that I took in NTT on the second from the last trip. We had lunch in a sea-side restaurant and had a great time marveling at the scenery. Besides a dining area, there's a garden where you could hold events...such as wedding and birthday parties ..etc.....there's also a small "Chapel" right in front of the beach where people can hold marriage ceremonies.

 Left side...

Right side...

Fancy getting married in this building....ohh...with that view ! it seems so unreal. Anyway, I went a bit nutty and took a load of pixs of the structure...not all of them presentable :(


Spectacular views !!


Reflecting on my last two trips to Timor Island, NTT....now  realize that I've done smart things and stupid things there...with the stupid things in the upper hand :( Lotsa dummy things that I did was in connection to the ladies org. that I belong to ..s'cuse me I'd like to do some mini rantings and grumblings... 

......ohhh who knew that your maiden name wasn't that important there since the men brought home the bacon arrrgggghhh...!...your married surname is of utmost import...arrrggghhh...and I was wrong wrong wrong to write the maiden name ...arrrggghhhh....and here I was used to writing my name with the title Ms....arrrggghhh...i feel like screaming in the middle of a bush....there was also that problem about door prizes....is it a rule to have as many door prizes as possible???....I thought three were enuff.....budget permitting...sob sob...and...and...if people attend meetings...why not say smt positive for a change...like it's going to hurt if you do it !!...

I was worn out with doing planning and activities....I came home far from healthy in mind and body, had to de-tox with a big dose of K-dramas ...Hah !! Since I still had time off from work, I watched The Greatest Love, Lie To me, My Fair Lady and City Hunter....hmm.if you have time...watch The Greatest Love and City Hunter...me enjoyed both very much ^^ 


Ahh...I feel better already....sorry for my grumblings...I might delete them after I feel more and more better ^^ Looking at the above pix, I think I need a vacation to soothe my mind...sighhh....


Mikino said…
Hi Myoce!
Thanks for sharing this pics!
How are you?
I also need vacation haha...
I and my camera :)))
Your, Mikino
Momojgseel said…
Dear friend, we do need to vent out from time to time otherwise you'll end up looking like Ju Lai Hood-the big bellied laughing Chinese god! Hahahaha ah imagine that!!
The Chapel in your pix looks like the one in Jeju Island where Gu Jun Pyo supposed to marry the monkey girl, remember? Where is it exactly? Lombok? Is it part of a resort or something?
How fast did you finish the two series? I am considering City Hunter but get obsessed with Goong at moment.
myoce said…
Hi Mikino, thanks for the comment and sorry I'm forever late in commenting. My connection is bad bad bad ...arrrggghhh.

Yes ! We all need a vacation...but no vacation for moms sob sob hahaha..

Have a great week, Mikino !
Love, myoce
myoce said…
Dear Momo, ur right...but mebbe it's bad that I do it in my blog [siap siap hapus hahahaha].
Oh, ur still in your pink Goong cloud, huh ?!...haven't come down yet ? I like the version with Seven in it very much ^^'Course both are great.

I actually Googled Ju Lai Hao...but in some pixes he looked slim !! hahaha. Yup I wouldn't want to be stressed out and plan to just let it all out [yikes] ^^

The scenery and location of the chapel is certainly similar with the one in BOF, only this one is very small and very "open"...if rain wedding "bubar" lah !!

You'd better watch Lee Min Ho in City Hunter !! aaannndddd....he's really dating the leading lady in real life !!!

Ok, I've tortured the poor lil' exclamation points enuff in this comment....miss you...cu soon :)

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