His Greatest Love

After watching Hyun Joong singing "Fortunate/ Dahaegida" and "Love", my heart goes out to him. If you have kept up watching or reading about his answers in interviews and radio or television talk shows, you'd know that he has talked about his relationship with a girl...a bit older than him, the one he waited for patiently for months and months, until finally getting her agreement to go dating. Hyun Joong said they broke up at the start of his career with SS501, stating they just drifted apart naturally...because of  his activities and also because the future for them was difficult since she was from the same 'clan' of Kims as he was. It's my understanding that it's not accepted if you marry some one from the same 'clan'/family of Kims.

For Joongboers/Sangchu couple fans, we remember how wonderful Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo was in WGM...how we wished everything would work out for them on and off WGM...

There are many comments in u-tube and forums about these topics, as many Henecian..and Henecian at Heart [like me] who loves this prince of aliens very much ....saw his emotion broke to the surface while singing Dahaegida.  I was looking at his eyes and the way he seemed to be suppressing tears....and I caught a  glimpse of anguish in his heart. Many fans are wondering, who was Hyun Joong thinking of when he sang this song so expressively and emotionally...who was in his heart...?

Matters of the heart are personal ...it is not our business, even though as Hyun Joong's fans, we are always curious and want to know details. But I just want Hyun Joong to be happy and to have Love...who ever she is, whether it's his lasting love for the girl he mentions every time he talks about past relationships...whether it's his love Hwang  Bo...or some other girl...some other woman...as long as she will make him happy, ease his burden and light up his life.

I remember Hyun Joong saying that he can't express his feelings well...and if he likes or loves  a girl, he will show it by singing a song for her. If this is something to go by, them....?

Who ever the girl maybe, that could cause so much feeling and emotion and touched Hyun Joong's heart, is very lucky indeed....

....as she may become His Greatest Love...

Video from YT by saranghaeKHJoong

Video from YT by TheAlienPrince


Anonymous said…
But his smile at the end of the song Fortunate is to die for. My take is he is in love right now but there are some difficulties to hurdle???
myoce said…
You are right about that smile of his at the end...so touching !

And your take maybe right also. As they say...you're more creative, expressive and passionate if you are in love..

If Hyun Joong's in love right now, I hope he / they could go through all the hardships and endure.

Thanks for the comment^^
Mikino said…
Hi Myoce! I missed you!
I think, that love has no age. Not necessarily, partners are the same age, sometimes it is better one is older. Love is wonderful and very personal - if two people understand and feel good together, what difference does age difference?

Anonymous said…
When I said difficulties, I did not mean age. More of family approval on the side of the other party.
myoce said…
Hi Mikino !

Nice to be back and 'talk' to you again. I agree with you on that, my parents are the example...my mom's more than a year older than my dad^^

Hope you're having a productive time at work. Have a great weekend.

myoce said…
Hi again, Anon,

I wasn't talking about age when I mentioned hardships...it could be a lot of things .

The one you mentioned is reasonable since not every family can accept a performer into their midst.

As for what Mikino wrote , I think she meant it generally...not for HJ specifically.

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