No convenient internet access yet....oooh.....noooo !

Ok, I only have time to write a few words b4 I'm disconnected..
You'll know from the title of the post what is ailing me these days.
Yep !  I'm suffering from a serious deficiency of online socialization.
Given that most of my friends are online [ O.o Yikes ! ], 
this is a very serious condition for my health !!
I'm beginning to show signs of craziness degoogleness and debloginess..
really miss googling and blogging :(...also ogling BYJ,KHJ, SS501and JKS.

Have published all your comments but unable to reply,
will do... as soon as my efforts to get connected is successful.

Wish me luck.
myoce from the island....fightiiiing !

ps. bb if you read feeling guilty to you...u know why
...kitari...plz, I'll do it when I get back..mianne.


bb said…
haiyo, silly gal... why feel guilty? no need, no need.... it's no trouble, and you're no trouble at all. take your time, k?

Anonymous said…
Ah yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder ... or at least refreshes our perspective. A break from the usual confusion may renew clarity.

May Joy find you.

myoce said…
Hi bb,

Thanx a lot. That's a load off my mind ^^

I feel gloomy without my daily doses of BYJ,KHJ and SS501...and of course...the youngest..Sukkie~~

"See" you when I get back, probably next week.

Fightiiing !!
myoce said…
Silver Bronze Dragon !!!

So happy you dropped by !
Missed you and Jade Dragon sooo much, I keep remembering the two of you whenever I go on a trip. Sadly I can't write a journal of my trip this time cos I can't upload my pix from the camera. But I will try later when everything is rather normal.

Please take care of yourselves ...will write to you both soon.

Hugs and kisses,
Puff the dazed dragon^^
Nad said…
Myoce, I miss your posts...
Hope all is well and glad u're enjoying time with the hubby!

myoce said…
Thanks for dropping, Nad...I'm always happy and smile every time I see a comment from you and friends ^^

I missssssed posting !

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