Mischievous Kiss - Epi 15 preview Eng Sub

Oh wow, here's Epi 15 Preview that Liezle posted just now [Thanks !!] ^^
(Just changed it to the Eng.Sub one from ODE's blog)

Just one word for you...Honeymoon !!!
Please remember to breathe
and don't fall off your chair/sofa/bed/perch :)

Video from YT by JangKissSubs2 [Thanks a lot !]


pinkymomo said…
Dear Myoce

WOW! U r pretty fast ne!

Yes, all about HONEYMOON and WEDDING! I can't calm down myself after watching this preview even with a cold shower....OMO!!!!

I need a blood pressure device when i watching it. I might get heart-attack! kkkk

About the rumored-dialogue which revealed at DC Gall seems to be REAL.

"I can't wait any longer"..... ^^

Look at his smiles, so happy and natural. Ahh.... fainted!

Have you notice it? BSJ and JSM both are wearing "wedding ring" ya!

JSM is the most lucky gal in this world!

Why today is Monday?
myoce said…
Hahaha...Pinkymomo !

I replayed over and over at all the romantic and touching moments !!

OMO....It was all true ^______^

JSM is REALLY lucky^^

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